Grant to Fund School Garden

Fairfield’s Roger Ludlowe Middle School has been awarded an ACT (Adults and Children Together) grant to partially fund a school food garden. The garden is in direct support of the Family/Consumer Science (FCS) curriculum consulting work that Holistic Health Counselor Amie G. Hall has been doing with the district since the Fall of 2007. Amie’s efforts are focused on creating a whole foods based curriculum across the town’s three middle schools. Plans are in the works with Principal Glenn Mackno, FCS Department Head Michelle Flashman, and Technical Education teacher Jeff Iwanicki to install the garden in April. According to Amie Hall, Michelle Flashman had a vision for the garden right outside her classroom door and noted that proximity to the building was key. This is great progress in educating our children about real food!

Amie is working on another grant to fund a school food garden in the courtyard at Fairfield Woods Middle School. She is working with Audra Allen (FCS), and Technical Education teachers Mr. Kulikowski and Scott Morris, with Principal Greg Hatzis’ approval. Her sights are set on Tomlinson Middle School for Fall 2009.

Two Fairfield elementary schools already have food gardens – Sherman School and McKinley, which were started by parent committees in an effort to teach children about real food, along the lines of the teaching of Alice Waters’ Edible Schoolyard.

We want to hear about your school food gardens in Fairfield County. Please comment.

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