Fast Food to Feel Good About – Field Trip #1

Sue Cadwell of Health in a Hurry
Sue Cadwell of Health in a Hurry

It was going to be a crazy evening – pick up the kids at school, race them to karate, have a meeting while they were in class, pick them up and get home before my little guy fell asleep before dinner. Dinner! I had been wanting to stop in Sue Cadwell’s award-winning Health in a Hurry on the Post Road for some organic vegetarian cuisine to go and this was the perfect moment. Alright, I heard a bit of whining as I explained that not only were we stopping for gas but also to pick up dinner and I’d probably have to “visit” with the owner a bit.

I’m glad I forged ahead because the trip was well worth it. We ate the hot miso soup as an appetizer and then chose a few dishes to heat up for dinner. The food got rave reviews from the whole family. Don’t think just tempeh and tofu, this lots of organic vegetables, legumes, and whole grains thoughtfully and lovingly prepared for families that care about feeding their families well.

In short, there are five darn good reasons to buy Health in a Hurry’s organic vegetarian prepared food.

#1 It’s delicious and you’d probably never make these dishes yourself.

#2 You can receive $100 worth of food for $85 if you use their prepaid giftcard.

#3 It’s convenient and there’s abundant choice from soups to desserts for everyone in the family to love.

#4 Hot lunch is available Monday through Saturday and in the nice weather you can eat outside in her cafe area.

#5 They cater!

Owner Sue Cadwell is now hosting winter cooking classes. If you ever wanted to know how to prepare whole grains, beans, tempeh and gluten-free meals, this is the place. Visit her web site for more information.

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