CT Green Scene Covers the Fairifeld Green Food Guide

Eileen Weber of CT GreenScene.com wrote a fantastic story about the Fairfield Green Food Guide yesterday. Thank you Eileen and welcome all ctgreenscene.com readers and subscribers!

CT Greenscene.com is a fantastic destination for participating in and keeping current on efforts to build a more  sustainable Connecticut. I encourage you to subscribe. Here’s an excerpt from their About page:

“The mission of Connecticut GreenScene is to connect, highlight and amplify the organizations, businesses and individuals who are working to build a sustainable present and future. From the local cafe who serves locally grown produce to the Fortune 500 company who installed solar panels on their headquarters to the high school student collecting signatures for clean energy sign ups, Connecticut GreenScene aims to reflect our local, green community.

We accomplish our mission through a comprehensive online portal to showcase unique aspects of the local green community, and GreenScene LIVE events that bring people from all sectors and backgrounds together to collaborate, exchange ideas, brainstorm solutions and have fun.

Above all, we are a network made up of people like you! If you’d like to post events, contribute articles, collaborate on events, or get involved in any way, drop us a line, pick up the phone, send a message in a bottle, perform a singing telegram…however you prefer to reach out and connect.”

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Fairfield Green Food Guide
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