An Eco-Chic Alternative to Resealable Plastic Bags

Eco-chic, reusable lunch and snack bags
Eco-chic, reusable lunch and snack bags

I first heard about Lunch Skins, eco-chic resealable, reusable, dishwasher safe lunch bags, from SuzySaid and immediately bought them. They’re a hit with the kids and I smile every time I use them knowing I’m not throwing away a plastic bag. And my kids think they’re pretty cool.

According to the manufacturer’s web site, “these reusable, colorful cloth pouches are made from a high quality, moisture-proof German fabric used worldwide in the food industry. These bags are food safe, extremely durable, grease-proof and can even be thrown in the dishwasher.” Honestly, I have not put them to the dishwasher test. I just hand wash them along with the thermoses and food jars.

This Earth Day, you can make a meaningful contribution to stop global warming by spending $12 to buy 3 Lunch Skins instead of using disposable, resealable plastic bags. 3greenmoms, the manufacturers, are offering my readers a free bonus white customizable bag with every 2 bag order (green/orange or brown/blue) for the next 3 weeks and they are shipped in recycled padded mailers. Please enter “Fairfield Green Food Guide” in the comments field to receive this offer. Give the kids a colorful Sharpie and watch them customize their white bags. Trust me on this one, the kids think they’re cool, especially the ones they design themselves.

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