Eat Your Weeds

Weeds are haute cuisine these days. Dandelion greens anyone? Yep, the same ones you try to keep out of your lawn (hopefully without spraying an herbicide) are now in high demand at farmers’ markets and supermarkets.

What’s up? Well, according to today’s Wall Street Journal, it’s part of the search for trendier food, the local-food movement, and the return to home cooking. Our food roots  included foraging – searching for edibles in the wild. Dandelions, purslane and sorrel were part of what we harvested from the wild according to the article. I don’t recommend foraging unless you know the difference between what’s safe and what isn’t. Many weeds that are safe to eat have poisonous close cousins. As do mushrooms.

I’m getting sorrel at the farmers’ market and in salad mixes and never knew it was a weed! What weeds are you eating and how do you prepare them?

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