How Hungry Are You For Change?

Official movie poster, courtesy Food, Inc.
Official movie poster, courtesy Food, Inc.

After six long years of work, award-winning filmmaker Robert Kenner has released his film Food, Inc., an expose of the ugly underbelly of our nation’s food system.  The film opens in Connecticut in Greenwich, Norwalk and New Haven this Friday, June 26. Meet me at the movies in Norwalk at 7 pm this Friday, June 26, at Garden Cinemas Norwalk, 26 Isaac Street. Come early to purchase a ticket since this theater does not sell tickets online. The film has been extremely popular in other cities, so it could sell out. Email me at if you’d like to join the meetup group. Let’s have a drink afterward to discuss. I’ll be in the Fairfield Green Food Guide tee shirt.

Food policy advocate and co-producer Eric Schlosser (remember Fast Food Nation?) and Michael Pollan, best known for his books including The Omnivore’s Dilemma, are the movie’s stars along with the entrepreneurs and farmers that constitute our food system. I’ve heard it said that Food, Inc. will be to food what An Inconvenient Truth was to global warming. Well, yes and no. As Kim Severson of The New York Times astutely points out in her movie review today, “After watching Al Gore explain the horrors of climate change, moviegoers can turn off a few lights, think about a Prius and call it a day. People who leave “Food, Inc.” still have to eat.”

And that leaves us with the daily dilemma of what to eat, where to buy it and how to prepare it so it’s convenient, healthy, delicious and within budget. I built this site for that very reason; I want to be part of the solution! Please visit a farmers’ market, get on a CSA waiting list or visit a farm stand this week. Please use The Buying Guide to search for resources in your town.

The movie is also showing in New Haven at Criterion Cinemas 7, 86 Temple Street, at 7:10 and 9:30 pm; Criterion Cinemas at Greenwich Plaza, 2 Railroad Avenue, at 7 and 9:15 and Garden Cinemas Norwalk, 26 Isaac Street,  at 7 and 9 pm.

See you at the movies! Please come back to post your comments.

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