Green Food Movement Fueled by Films and Resolutions

fresh_poster_small2Our nation’s awareness of the need for healthy, sustainable food is growing and the documentary food films Food, Inc. and FRESH are helping to fuel the momentum. I recommend viewing Food, Inc. first to gain a better understanding of the problems associated with our industrial food system and then joining me for a special night on August 12 to view FRESH, hear from the experts on our local-sustainable food panel and visit with them at their exhibit tables. This is your invitation to join the movement.

Further proof of the growing sustainable food movement is the groundbreaking passage last week of Chicago’s Green Food Resolution encouraging widespread community support for the expansion of farmers’ markets, community supported agriculture (CSA) programs, community gardens and other ways to provide healthful plant-based foods. Here is an excerpt:

“BE lT RESOLVED, that the Chicago City Council encourages individuals, civic associations, and community based organizations to grow local, organic gardens, and institutions and businesses to offer more plant based foods; and

BE lT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Chicago City Council promotes the expansion of the number of Farmers’ Markets, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs, community gardens, and other venues which provide healthful plant based foods.”

According to “A similar resolution was introduced for New York City calling for a citywide FoodprintNYC initiative to reduce the city’s climate foodprint, which is a more significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions than all transportation systems combined, and create greater access to local, fresh, healthy plant-based food, especially in low-income communities, as well as city-run institutions. So far, 11 City Council members have signed on as co-sponsors.”

Looking to introduce a Green Food Resolution in your city? Farm Sanctuary has launched a campaign to introduce Green Food Resolutions similar to Chicago’s in cities throughout the U.S.  Visit their site to find some helpful tips on how to introduce a Green Food Resolution and obtain a Sample Draft Resolution.

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