Let’s Scream for CT Ice Cream

farmers-cow_cartonwglassThe Farmers’ Cow wants to know what flavors we would like to see available when they launch their fresh and all natural, Connecticut-made ice cream. That means it’s made from local milk with no artificial hormones and real sugar.  The vanilla is in development right now and it’s being made from scratch. No industrial base mixes here! Let’s all scream for the flavors we want!  Click here to take the survey.

Connecticut Farmers. Connecticut Cows. Fresh Connecticut Milk!

You scream, we all scream!

For ice cream, yes. But what’s your favorite flavor? The Farmer’s Cow is planning to launch its own line of farm fresh, super delicious ice cream in the coming months, but we need your help to choose the right flavors. Please take a few moments to fill out our ice cream survey. Your responses will help us as we look to create our new ice cream line!

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