Grilled Honeyed Peaches

Grilled Honeyed Peaches

Fall fruit abounds, and although it’s all perfectly delicious raw, cooking it brings out new flavors and aromas that make it irresistible. Take grilled honeyed peaches, our family’s favorite recipe for local fruit right now. They are warm and inviting in their juiciness and suppleness. Bet you can’t resist! Peaches can be found at mostly every farmers’ market and farm stand right now.

How to prepare: Halve the peaches from top to bottom, remove the pit, lay flat on a plate and brush with honey or maple syrup. Grill cut side down until they begin to caramelize and grill marks appear, flip them over and continue grilling until they are soft but not mushy. Serve warm with dinner as they are or chop and add herbs to make a salsa for chicken or fish. Try them with some vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt and mixed and leftovers with yogurt for a great snack.

I ran into a friend’s husband at the Brick Walk Farmers’ Market last week and arm twisted him into buying peaches to grill just as I instructed above. Here’s the email I got from my friend the next day: “These peaches are fantastic! These are the best peaches in the whole world mom!” Comments made by the six-year-old daughter after the dad took my suggestion. May your little local eaters (and big ones too) respond as enthusiastically.

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