Where to Get Your Local Free-Range Turkeys 2009

The 2010 Guide to a Locally Sourced Thanksgiving Feast is now available here.

Free- Range Heritage Turkeys

For local food lovers hoping to serve a locally-raised turkey for Thanksgiving dinner, I have delicious news. You can buy local organic or local free- range Heritage turkeys from two family-owned CT farms through Connecticut Farm Fresh Express for home delivery by Thanksgiving. Please do not delay in placing your order since these birds are limited in supply and will sell out quickly. If you want one of the rare Heritage breeds, please order it now following the instructions outlined below.

Connecticut Farm Fresh Express (CTFFE), the online retailer of exclusively CT Grown foods, is offering fresh turkeys from Ekonk Hill Farm and frozen turkeys from USDA Certified Organic Old Maid’s Farm for purchase and home delivery. Turkeys from a third farm will be available soon. All the turkeys are free-range and are raised without growth stimulants or hormones. They are all pasture-raised which means that the majority of their diet has been grass and bugs, their favorite meal. They are grain fed as a supplement only.

If you are interested in a free-range Heritage Breed Old Maid’s still has Black Spanish available and Ekonk Hill, the largest grower of free-range turkeys in the state, will fill your Heritage order with one of the many breeds they raise. Choosing a Heritage Breeds,  which has been passed down from generation to generation because they taste good, helps preserve genetic diversity. Please cook your turkeys according to instructions for the breed you buy. The rule is low and slow for fresh free-range and Heritage breeds.

A sidebar on the Heritage turkeys from CTFFE owner Deb Marsden, “If you aren’t familiar with this breed, they are not very breasty. If your family is big into white meat, you are better off with the Broad Breasted Whites from these farms, which have more white meat.”

With all poultry in CT you are actually purchasing the live bird, and the farmer is doing you the favor of processing it for you. This is called custom processed and you must fill out a form for the farm requesting the turkey.

How to Place an Order:

Please follow ordering instructions carefully!

1)      Download and complete the order form for either Ekonk Hill Farm or Old Maid’s Farm, indicating a second choice if your first choice is not available. Please allow 1 – 1 ½ pounds of turkey per person on the Heritage breeds.

2)      Write a $20 deposit check payable to the Farm.

3)      Mail the completed order form and check to: CT Farm Fresh Express, 479 Town Street, E. Haddam, CT 06423, Attention: Turkey Order.

CT Farm Fresh Express will place your order with the farm, pick it up and deliver it to you on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, November 24. You will be charged a $3 farm pick up fee and a $15 delivery fee in Fairfield County. If you place a regular food order on ctffe.com for delivery that same Tuesday, you can amortize the $15 delivery fee across your whole order. Thanksgiving Week Ordering Deadline is  midnight Saturday, November 21 for delivery to your door on Tuesday, November 24. Let me know how you liked your turkey! Bon Appetit!

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