Water Core Fujis Have Arrived!

"Water Core" Fujis from A&Jj's; Nature's Candy Apple
"Water Core" Fujis from A & J's; Nature's Candy Apple

What happened to these apples? I wondered that myself as Justin from A&J Farm Market in Westport cut them in half and encouraged me and my kids to have a taste. Lots of rain plus a hard frost creates “water core” apples, but only in certain varieties according to Justin.

A & J's is now open year-round
A & J's is now open year-round

After getting a thumbs up from the kids, I wondered how this condition could be considered a defect, because technically “water core” is considered one. Perhaps it’s because the consumer isn’t informed or more likely because it shortens their shelf life. So go out and buy some and eat them quickly because the super sweet interior won’t last. They’re so sweet and tasty that I think of them as Nature’s Candy Apple. These Fujis are from upstate New York, but more from Connecticut can’t be far behind, and pears could follow.

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