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sustainable-roast-tasting-discussion-1219091One of the most common questions I routinely receive is “where do I get local, sustainably raised meat?” There are very limited choices at retail, but we just got a new one and it’s exciting.

Whole Foods Market Westport is now sourcing pasture raised, grass-fed beef from New England farms through a program with Wolfe’s Neck. According to their web site, Wolfe’s Neck Farm “was a leader in the United States in marketing all natural (antibiotic and hormone free) beef utilizing organic, small-scale alternative farming and rotational grazing practices.” Their program has grown to include over 150 family-owned farms who share their dedication to sustainable agriculture.

Your Are Invited! Please join me at Whole Foods Market Westport on Saturday, December 19 from noon until 3 pm for a  Holiday Roast Tasting and a Sustainable Discussion featuring Wolfe’s Neck Natural Beef.

The first 20 guests will receive a free holiday gift. We’ll have tips and holiday recipes for the taking! The farms who participate in Wolfe’s Neck program are small, so the offerings changes week by week. Here are this week’s farms:

Stephen Janeski, Granby, CT

Theriault Farms, St. Agatha, ME

Dave Moore, Smyrna ME

Ed Margesson, Westmanland ME

O’Donnell, Hodgdon ME

PFNM, Fort Fairfield, ME

Guimond Fort Kent ME

According to Doreen Nardone, Whole Foods Market Westport’s Marketing Team Leader, the meat supplied by Wolfe’s Neck is sourced from small, family-owned, sustainably run farms in NY, NJ, CT, MA, NH, MA, and VT who humanely raise cattle in accordance with Whole Foods Markets’ exacting standards. Here are the standards straight from Wolfe’s Neck:

  • Raised from birth without antibiotics.
  • The cattle never receive added hormones, steroids, or animal by-products.
  • Not “Withdrawal Compliant” or “Residue Tested”. Cattle requiring antibiotic treatment at any points in their lives may not be marketed through our program.
  • The cattle are fed a strict vegetarian diet.
  • Source verified to BIRTH!
  • Raised in pastures and grass-fed until finishing stage.
  • Committed to sustainable agriculture.
  • Animals receive humane treatment throughout their entire lives.
  • USDA Prime and Choice grade beef, raised with highest attention to consistent taste, texture, and marbling.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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