Sweet Maine Shrimp at the Farmers’ Market

The season for sweet, Maine shrimp is here but not much, if any, makes it to Fairfield County. That’s about to change.

Yesterday’s New York Times had an article about Maine shrimp that said the season is so bountiful this year that “the State Department of Marine Resources has extended it to May 1.” How crazy are people about these shrimp? According to the same article, Community Supported Fisheries programs where consumers sign up to receive “frozen hand-peeled shrimp in five one-pound bags once a month for five months” are popular, but the closest drop sites are in Brooklyn. The article’s end note states that the shrimp are sold “fresh in the shell in Manhattan for $9 a pound at Wild Edibles at Grand Central Market.”

Look for this sign on the building near the entrance doors
Look for this sign on the building near the entrance doors

Don’t go to Manhattan or ask your spouse or friend to do you a favor and pick some up at Grand Central, because you can get them this Saturday from 10-2 at the new Norwalk Indoor Winter Farmers’ Market at 61-65 Wall Street at a fraction of the Manhattan price.

If you see this sign on the building, you're in the right place.
If you see this sign on the building (Not THAT Wall St.!), you're in the right place.

It’s easy to drive right by this market since there’s no street signage, so slow down. It’s just down the block from The Stand and you enter from behind the building, just across from Garden Cinemas. The building is being gutted for renovation so bundle up and bring a cooler for the shrimp and bags for the other local foods sold there.

Follow that truck!
Follow that truck!

Find Tom and Tracy Pennimon of Pemaquid Lobster & Seafood and ask for some fresh whole Maine shrimp with the shell and head on. Cook these delicacies briefly in highly salted water (no other seasonings please!) and then crowd around the table for a local, seasonal feast. Tracy told me they usually sell out on Fridays during their first stop in Naugatuck, but I asked her to please hold back 40 pounds for the market. If you want to place a special order for Saturday, please call Tracy at 203-350-7054. Each week’s availability is subject to the Wednesday catch. Please call 207-677-3202 to place special orders for future weeks.

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