Tip of the Day: Recycle Your #5 Containers

gimme5logowfmRecycle your #5 containers  at Whole Foods Markets in the Gimme 5 containers located in the café area.

Most eco-conscious consumers have already sworn off bottled water, wouldn’t be caught shopping without a reusable bag, and are in the habit of recycling their metal, plastic and glass containers. But #5 containers, which are used to package foods like yogurt, hummus and cottage cheese, are not recycled by many municipalities.  Whole Foods Markets collects #5 containers in their stores for recycling into new consumer products under their Gimme 5 program. So save your #5 containers and recycle them at the store instead of letting them end up in a landfill. If you don’t live near a Whole Foods Market, you can ship them directly to the recycling center.

For more tips on how to go green in your kitchen, watch the video Green Food Resolutions for the New Year.

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