Citizens of Fairfield Unite for Better School Food

If you are a resident of the town of Fairfield, please take a quick moment to sign this petition questing a review of the district’s school lunch program. If you’ve participated in petitions before, this goes super quick. Just login and your information auto populates in the fields. We need your votes to send a strong message to our Board of Education and school administration that it’s time for Fairfield to take the quality of our school food seriously. What better way to start than assessing the current food service program in light of the latest nutrition research and recommendations for children?

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This petition is a declaration of support from the citizens of Fairfield to ask the Board of Education and the School Administration to explore healthier, unprocessed food options to serve for lunch.  We are asking for an independent review of our current system with the long-term goal of phasing out processed, heavily refined foods and integrating as much in the way of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole muscle meats, and whole grains as possible. While the support of people around the world is very much appreciated, we need signatures from Fairfield CT residents only.  Many thanks!!

Petition Text:

Petition to Review the School Lunch Program in Fairfield, CT


We the undersigned believe it is time to reevaluate the Fairfield School lunch program.

We believe that students should be fed a lunch free of processed foods and made with whole food ingredients, featuring fresh fruits and vegetables, and whole grains.

We believe that improving the school lunch directly and positively impacts students’ ability to learn.

We believe that our Health and Family and Consumer Science curriculum should be reflected in a school lunch program that features the healthful, nutritious food choices taught to our students.

We believe the epidemic of obesity in our children can be addressed by serving a healthy lunch.

We ask the Board of Education to appoint a special task force, consisting of members of the community and experts in the field, as well as members of the Board of Education and the Administration. The charge of this body would be to present options with financials that would allow Fairfield to embrace a better way of feeding our children.

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