‘Local Warming’ Showing Now at Fairfield Community Theater

Local filmmakers, actors, musicians, and artists invite you to the Fairfield, CT premiere of


Showing now at the Fairfield Community Theater
Showing now at the Fairfield Community Theater

Fairfield, CT-In a time when Washington is stalling on a climate bill, businesses are forming marketing campaigns to make money on “greenwashing,” academics are still confronting deniers on whether global warming exists, and environmentalists fear the worst from a lack of action, local filmmakershave produced Local Warming, a fictional comedy about a local mom’s effort to do her part-and then some. The film will premiereat 7 pm on Friday, May 7, 2010 at the Fairfield Community Theater, where it plays through May 13.

Local Warming, written and directed by Tom Reilly, follows the adventures of Abby Brouchard (Caroline Winterson), a stubborn suburbanite who sets off on an odyssey of proving that a few people can make a difference about global warming by gathering a group of locals to collectively reduce their carbon emissions by the same amount that the Harbor Energy Plant in Bridgeport, Conn., puts out each year. Her effort faces pushback from Dr. Thaddeus Baxter(Damien Langan), a environmental teacher, who espouses the theory that global warming is too big for any one country, let alone any one person, to solve. The plot can be described as “I Love Lucy” meets “An Inconvenient Truth,” set right in Connecticut.

Local Warming will be shown at 10 consecutive screenings at the Fairfield Community Theater, 1424 Post Road, Fairfield, Conn., from Friday, May 7, through Thursday, May 13. Tickets are $4, and it is recommended that media RSVP to Patricia Charles at (301) 887-1060 ext. 111 or patricia@renewcomm.com. Below is a full list of show times:

  • Friday, May 7th – 7 pm
  • Saturday, May 8th – 5 pm and 7 pm
  • Sunday, May 9th – 2 pm, 5 pm and 7 pm
  • Monday, May 10 thru Thursday, May 13 – 7:30 pm.

Local Warming features the work of many local artists, including Fairfield screenwriter and director Tom Reilly, who also wrote and directed the award winning Bobby Dogs (Prism Award 2008),  The Barbershop League, and The Adventures of Charlie Maloney. The music was created by Fairfield resident Rob Lynch, who wrote five original songs for the movie. Other local residents involved include Director of Photography Jon Van Gorder, Executive Producer Alan Wallack, and the two leads, Caroline Winterson and Damien Langan. Bios for the entire cast appear on the “Cast” page at www.localwarming.com.

“Brooklawn Productions started as kind of a softball league for film enthusiasts,” Reilly said. “It’s an ever-growing group of talented people whose labor of love is making movies.”

However, Tom is more than just a local man who makes movies in his free time. As President of Ocean Connect, one of the world’s largest brokers and traders of marine fuels-which has a big environmental footprint of its own-Tom has started several ventures on his own that express his environmental conscience. Within Ocean Connect he launched a brokerage for ethanol and biodiesel, now North America’s largest. Another venture of Tom’s is MyEmissionsExchange.com, a website that allows individuals to measure and reduce their own carbon emissions, and sell the resulting “personal carbon credits” on the market. By using this website, a Pennsylvania family just earned the first such personal carbon credits ever.

“With all the recent events that have slowed collective action on climate change, I am skeptical that we can do enough to tackle the problem of global warming fast enough unless we really get the country moving,” adds Reilly. “I made the film to poke fun at the problem and make light of an issue that is really very serious. In some ways, I can identify with both of the main characters in the film. I am hopeful for action like Abby, but like Dr. Baxter, I think in the end we’ll need more than just personal action to tackle this problem.”

Local Warming‘s trailer can be found at www.localwarmingmovie.com, along with extensive background information and photos of cast, crew and other elements. There’s also a FaceBook page, “local warming the movie.” To obtain a copy on DVD or schedule an interview with any of the filmmakers or actors, please contact Patricia Charles at (301) 887-1060 ext. 111 or patricia@renewcomm.com.

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