Surprises in the Garden

Bees sleeping in a squash blossom
Bees sleeping in a squash blossom

I know I’m not the only backyard gardener who feels compelled to survey the garden each morning to make sure all is in order. Is anything being attacked? Any herbs bolting? Any signs of blight on tomatoes or basil? Should I be picking something before it gets overgrown? Does anything need water?

Sometimes we’re delighted by what we find.  This morning I found two bees sleeping in a blossom on my flying saucer squash plant. Despite the cat’s meows they remained fast asleep so I had time to go in and grab the camera. You can even see the pollen on their bodies!

What surprised you in your garden this season? Please come post a photo on Facebook or comment below.

1 thought on “Surprises in the Garden”

  1. The wonderful surprises in our vegetable garden are the plants that have appeared on their own and are thriving — potatoes, melon, tomatoes. One of the benefits of composting.

    Also discovered a charming blue flower blooming on the remains of a bolted frisee lettuce.

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