Composting & Wormy-Culture Workshop at Millstone Farm

Millstone Farm in Wilton is hosting an excellent educational event that will teach you how to compost your food waste at home. Learn what to compost, how to compost it, and how to use the finished product in your yard. Composting is the smartest way to take food waste and turn it into an enhancement for your yard and garden.

Food that’s thrown out instead of composted releases methane gas, contributing to global warming and climate change. Compost is a fantastic soil amendment and it costs you nothing, so you’re saving money in the end. Use an empty flour container, bowl or other receptacle to gather your food scraps in the kitchen (or a dedicated kitchen compost pail) and empty them regularly into your compost pile. Not sure how to compost and can’t make it to the workshop?  Visit Rodale’s web site for some immediate expert advice.

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