Nose-to-Tail Craft Butcher to Open at Saugatuck Center

Ryan Fibiger, a recent graduate of Fleisher's Grass-Fed and Organic Meats' whole animal butchery program, will be opening a retail butcher shop in Saugatuck Center to serve discriminating Fairfield County consumers.

Back in April I profiled Ryan Fibiger, a recent graduate of Fleisher’s Grass Fed and Organic Meats’ whole animal butchery program, in the post The New, Old-Fashioned Butcher. Ryan recently shared with me that he’s all set up to open his retailer butcher shop in Saugatuck Center during the first week of September. If you swing by the property for a peek, you’ll notice a restaurant being built out a few doors down. Offering outdoor seating and catering to the local lunch crowd, the restaurant will, according to Ryan’s, “be very complimentary” to what he’s doing. Wow! A snout-to-tail restaurant in Fairfield County. I see an outdoor pig roast coming!

You won’t have to wait until the shop opens to get a taste of Ryan’s organic and pasture-raised beef, lamb and poultry products. He’s starting a meat CSA very soon and will offer a variety of options – fresh or in cryo for freezing – to suit different consumers. This is the perfect opportunity to go in with a few friends on a whole animal or buy into a share. No fighting over single cuts now! We’ll release details as soon as the program goes live.

Ryan held his first private butchering demo last month and shared that “It was fantastic. We expected 30-40 guests and had 80-90 show up.” Pork in the Raw, a pig butchering demo he plans to hold in his raw retail space before construction begins, could be on the calendar by month’s end. Space will be limited so be sure to follow us on Facebook to get the news first.  Ryan also plans to do demos at local farm-to-table restaurants and those could possibly be by invitation only. I’ll be sure to let you know when he opens up his email list.

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