Westport Winter Farmers’ Market Set to Open Nov. 17

The Westport Farmers’ Market at Imperial Avenue will be held for a final day on November 3, then take a quick one-week break, and reopen on November 17 as an indoor winter farmers’ market at Gilbertie’s Herb Gardens in Westport.

Download the free mobile app or print and carry Seafood Watch's pocket guide to help you choose seafood that doesn't harm the environment or further deplete over-fished stocks.

Shop the market, which features 22 vendors, each Thursday from 10 am- 2 pm through March 15, 2012. Thanks to the addition of The Local Catch, the market now offers fresh fish landed in Rhode Island by local fisherman. As a registered Seafood Watch advocate, I urge you to download the Seafood Watch mobile app and consult it before making seafood purchases at retail or in restaurants. Their sustainable seafood recommendations indicate which seafood items are “Best Choices,” “Good Alternatives,” and which ones you should “Avoid.” Paper pocket guides and mobile apps can be downloaded from their website, seafoodwatch.org.

Among the most sustainable choices locally are striped bass, bluefish, and hook-and-line caught cod (not trawl). Please avoid Raja fish (skate) and sole (flounder/fluke) as they are severely over fished and therefore depleted. Summer flounder is recovering and is ranked a “Good Alternative” by Seafood Watch. Please consult the Seafood Watch Guide for recommendations about other species.

2011-2012 Winter Vendors

Arogya http://www.arogya.net/

Beltane Farm  http://www.beltanefarm.com/

Boxcar Cantina http://www.boxcarcantina.com/

Boxed Goodes http://www.boxedgoodes.com/

Calcutta Kitchen http://calcuttakitchens.com/

Bistro DuSoleil   (no website)

Fort Hill Farm http://www.forthillfarm.com/

Greyledge Farm http://www.greyledgefarm.com/

Huckleberry Artisan Pastries  (No website)

Kaia Café http://kaiayoga.com/

The Local Catch http://thelocalcatch.web.officelive.com/default.aspx

Little Something Catering http://www.facebook.com/pages/Little-Something-Catering/117377094962966?sk=wall&filter=12

Nothing But Granola http://nothingbutfoods.com

R + D Chocolate  http://www.rdchocolate.com/main.html

Raus Coffee  http://www.rauscoffee.com/

Riverbank Farm http://www.riverbankfarm.com/_/Home.html

Sankow’s Beaver Brook Farm  http://www.beaverbrookfarm.com/

Savor Cookies http://www.savorfinefoods.com/order.html

Skinny Pines http://www.skinnypines.com/index.php

Sugar & Olives  http://sugarandolives.com/Sugar_+_Olives/sweet_home.html

Two Guys From Woodbridge http://www.facebook.com/pages/Two-Guys-From-Woodbridge/73458991209

Wave Hill Bread  http://www.wavehillbreads.com/

Winding Drive Jams http://www.windingdrive.com/

Woodland Farm  http://www.woodlandfarmllc.com/

For more information contact: Lori Cochran Dougall, Market Manager at director@westportfarmersmarket.com.

Gilbertie’s Herb Gardens

7 Sylvan Lane, Westport, CT


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