Celebrating National Hot Tea Month with an Organic, Herbal Tea Giveway

Two winners will receive a sample pack of Mamacat’s Q. Teas, Jeena Choi’s line of fine, hand-blended and packed 100% organic teas.

Editor’s note: This giveaway was amended on 1/18 to make it easier for more people to participate.

We’re celebrating National Hot Tea Month by giving away 2 Mamacat’s Q. Tea sampler packs. Mamacat’s Q. Teas are hand-blended and packed in Wilton, CT and use only the finest organic herbs, dried fruits and flowers. Using family recipes, the unique blends contain zero-caffeine, zero-calories and can be enjoyed hot or cold, day or night by the entire family. Sampler packs will contain a mix of of Amber Maharani, Casablanca Mist, Emerald Wonderland, Golden Slumbers and Ruby Slippers teas.

Click here to learn more about Mamacat’s Q. Teas and their sister company, Babycat Milkbar, where the full line of herbal teas can be enjoyed hot or cold with a local, artisan treat.

How to Participate:

To qualify entrants must complete item 1 below and abide by the simple rules.

1) Share a comment below about how you enjoy hot tea, especially organic, herbal and decaf teas. Please use the same name or email address you use in items 2 and 3 below so we can qualify you.

Rules:  No purchase necessary. One entry per household. Must be 18 or older and a legal resident of Connecticut with an address that includes a street number (no PO boxes). The retail value of each sample pack is $15.

Two winners will be selected at random from a list of qualified entrants and will be announced on this blog on February 1. Any blog comment submitted under item #1 above, along with the name of the author, may be republished on this website or Mamacat’s Q. Tea’s website. Winners will contacted via email to obtain a mailing addresses and sampler packs will be mailed during the first week of February. Winners who do not supply us with their legal mailing address within 2 weeks of our sending the request will forfeit their winnings.

12 thoughts on “Celebrating National Hot Tea Month with an Organic, Herbal Tea Giveway”

  1. Tea means love in our house. I share a cup with my children before school and they request soothing herbal teas at night before bed. It is a special treat that gives us a few quiet moments to share what’s on your mind or just time to sit and relax together.

  2. I start my Mornings With organic Assum. So i can be energized for the day. But When Im done and need a sweet pick me up My Herbal Teas beat Juice every day

  3. I start my day by having a cup of herb tea.I feel it gives me a healthy and fresh start each day. I also hold my “Reiki”hands over each cup of tea as a way to bless it and”Reiki it” Angelic Reiki Blessings in Love and Light Gigi

  4. Drinking organic herbal teas makes me feel like I’m doing something wonderful for myself while I’m pregnant… for both my body and my mind!

  5. Tea is such a civilized way to confront the insanity of the day; from the calming ritual of preparing it, to the sensory experience of sipping and savoring it. My HS daughter and I have a standing date for a cup of herbal tea while we watch Glee on Tuesday Nights. And I’m delighted she’s already been indoctrinated into the serenity of the tea world as a mere teen!

  6. I found your web site via a regular email that I receive from Fairfield Green Food Guide.

    My daughter moved from CT to Portland, OR a year ago because she believes so strongly in sustainablility and organic farming. When she was here for the holiday she mentioned finding Chamomile tea very relaxing, so when I found your website (and the “free shipping during January was the clincher!) I decided it was a perfect impromptu gift to send her.

    I really miss her and have hinted strongly that she move back East….Perhaps the availability of your tea will change her mind!

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