CT GMO Labeling Bill Informational Meeting and Q&A

By Analiese Paik

What Are GMOs and What Does the Bill Mean for Consumers?

Saturday, March 10

10-12 noon

Pequot Library

720 Pequot Avenue,  Southport, CT

(203) 259-0346

Free and open to the public

Left to right: Rep. T.R. Rowe of Trumbull, Analiese Paik of the Fairfield Green Food Guide, Rep. Fred Camillo of Greenwich, (back) Glen Colello of Catch a Healthy Habit Cafe, Rep. Tony Hwang of Fairfield, Tara Cook-Littman JD, and Connecticut State Senate Minority Leader John McKinney at the Legislative Office Building in Hartford on Feb. 22. Paik, Colello and Cook-Littman testified in support of HB 5117 at the Environment Committee’s public hearing that day.

Representative Tony Hwang, a member of the Environment Committee, will discuss HB 5117, An Act Concerning Genetically-Engineered Foods, and the state legislative process. Analiese Paik from the Fairfield Green Food Guide will share testimony she delivered to the Environment Committee, which was reported in the Wall Street Journal, and discuss ways to support the bill. Tara Cook-Littmann, a holistic health counselor and former state prosecutor, will discuss GMOs, how prevalent they are in everyday foods, and how the labeling bill supports our right to make informed choices.  According to national polls, over 90% of consumers want GMOs labeled. Connecticut is one of several states currently considering mandatory labeling of foods containing GMOs. Bring your questions and concerns so we can address them.

4 thoughts on “CT GMO Labeling Bill Informational Meeting and Q&A”

  1. Hi,
    We are starting a grass roots campaign in favor of passing the GMO genetically modified labelling bill (HB 5117) in Hartford by using a live TV show and then putting on the internet. We are reaching out to all organizations involved to appear on the program. Please let us know. We broadcast list in Bridgeport, CT

    • Bob, thanks for your advocacy. You are joining many others throughout the state in raising awareness of the bill. Im glad we’re now connected via email thanks to Bill.

    • Eileen,
      We offer an e-newsletter sign up right on the website, but to avoid any additional steps for you, we will be adding your name manually. Thanks for your interest in sustainable food and FGFG!

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