Free GMO Workshop at Fairfield Public Library

By Analiese Paik

Confused by GMOs? Overwhelmed about how to best identify them in foods so you can avoid them? You’re not alone. Tara Cook-Littman and I have developed a GMO workshop to help you get a clear understanding of what GMOs are, how prevalent they are in our food supply, how to identify them on food labels (even though they’re unmarked!), the health risks associated with GMOs, and the CT law that would mandate the labeling of GM foods. Those in favor of our right to know and make informed decisions can support the bill through the advocacy platform on the Right to Know CT campaign.

Please join us at our first workshop at the Fairfield Public Library this Thursday at 10 am. The workshop is free. Kindly RSVP ot the library using this link. We look forward to seeing you and making sure your questions and concerns are addressed.

Handouts will include a Non-GMO shopping guide.

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  1. Hi my name is Leslie Roman. I am currently doing a senior thesis paper about GMOs. I am required to interview someone how participated in an workshop/educational series about gmos; due to my research question; “To what extent does the participation in an educational/workshop series about GMOs, influence consumer’s choice?” If anyone can help, I will surely appreciate it.

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