GMO Workshop at Fairfield Earth Day Celebration

By Analiese Paik

Tara Cook-Littman and I have been doing GMO workshops for the last two months and they have helped raise consumer awareness about GMOs in our food supply. Most consumers are unaware of the fact that over 70% of processed foods sold in grocery stores contain at least one GM ingredient because they are not labeled. Connecticut, California, Vermont and now Minnesota are working to pass state laws that would mandate the labeling of GM foods because the FDA so far has refused to change their policies. Vermont and Connecticut’s labeling bills have been voted out of Committee, and may or may not be passed by the end of the current legislative session (May 9 in CT). California’s ballot initiative to label GMOs gathered more than 850,000 signatures and they believe they will be on the ballot this November.

To learn more about GMOs, CT’s HB 5117, and how to support GMO labeling efforts, please attend Tara Cook-Littman’s GMO workshop this Saturday, April 28, at Fairfield’s Annual Earth Day Celebration at Fairfield Warde High School at 2:30 pm. I’m sorry not to be there, but my oldest child is celebrating his 13th birthday that afternoon!

Please visit our GMO labeling bill resource and advocacy center to learn more. Kindly share this with your friends to help CT consumers become informed about what’s in our food and advocate for our right to labeling transparency.

2 thoughts on “GMO Workshop at Fairfield Earth Day Celebration”

  1. HB 5117: I was at the hearing last Spring 2012 in Hartford when the GMO labeling bill was heard. I was there for another purpose but went to school on the issue and testimony and want labeling GMOs to be the law of CT. Currently, a member of the Mattatuck UU Society in Woodbury we have embarked on our Social Justice cause of end hunger. I personally believe this will not be solved until we take our “food manufactures” down a notch and clean up the FDA. I would like to take the “manufacturing” out of farming and affordably feed our people with healthy and safe foods. How can I help and hopefully bring my congregation along with me? John

    • John, thanks so much for your comment. A leader in the Right to Know CT grassroots movement to label GMOs will be contacting you to talk about upcoming events and how you and your congregation can get involved and make a difference. The workshop in this article post was held last Earth Day. Many thanks,
      Analiese Paik

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