Fairfield Green Food Guide to Educate Westport Farmers’ Market Shoppers on Thursday

By Analiese Paik

Westport Farmers’ Market shoppers looking for ways to eat more local and sustainable food are invited to visit me at the Education Booth this Thursday from 10-2. Bring your questions and concerns so we can chat about local/sustainable food – including Genetically Modified food, sustainable seafood, CSAs, organic farm stands, farm-to-table restaurants, seasonal cooking and local food events.

Sport Hill Farm is bringing their first corn of the season to the market this Thursday! The farm only plants organic seeds and uses organic growing methods, so you know their sweet corn is not genetically engineered (yes, GE sweet corn was grown in the NE for the first time this year and isn’t labeled). As a matter of fact, Westport Farmers’ Market has made a commitment to work towards being a GMO-free market. That is no easy feat and I’ll be happy to discuss this with you in person.


Westport Farmers’ Market First in County to Feature GMO-Free Vendors

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  1. You are providing a great service by being available to shoppers. A GMO free, totally local and organic market is a BIG deal and we are lucky to have so many advocates watching out for what what we have easy access to. BRAVA!

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