Canning, Pickling and Nutrient Dense Gardening Workshops at Millstone Farm

By Analiese Paik

As the fall seasons approaches, gardeners and cooks start to prepare for the months and year ahead. It’s the perfect time to learn some practical new skills. How can we preserve bountiful late summer harvests like tomatoes? What do we do with a bonanza of cucumbers to avoid waste and create new taste sensations? What can we do differently in our gardens to grow the most nutritious foods possible? Millstone Farm has workshops to help you become skilled at each!

Introduction to Nutrient Density: Free Lecture 
Tuesday, September 11th: 6:30pm – 8pm
Cost: Free, RSVP at or call (203) 834-2605

Dan Kittredge remineralizing the soil. Photo c/o Bionutrient Food Association.

Dan Kittredge, Director of the Real Food Campaign, will provide a free introductory lecture on nutrient density for interested gardeners. He will talk about how we can grow healthier and more delicious vegetables by adding minerals back into our depleted soil and fortifying our plants with custom blended mineral amendments. Attend this informative event and learn what is at the cutting edge of organic gardening. If you enjoy the lecture, then you can sign up for his full 2-day Nutrient Dense Gardening workshop on October 27 and March 16. See details for the workshop below. Kindly RSVP.

Canning Tomatoes
Saturday, September 22nd: 1pm – 4pm
Cost: $30;   RSVP to or call (203) 834-2605

Farmer Annie Farrell has been preserving foods for many years. She will demonstrate the basics and some of her tricks for canning tomatoes. This will be an interactive workshop during which you will make a tomato sauce and a spicy salsa dip. So be prepared to chop, cook, can and taste. If you have some of your own homegrown tomatoes, bring them along so you have a taste of your garden preserved for the winter.

Pickling & Preserves

Sunday, October 21: 1pm – 4pm
Cost: $30; RSVP to or call (203) 834-2605

Millstone’s resident farmer, Annie Farrell, and their good friend and CSA member, Tracy Castelli, will demonstrate several techniques for preserving the harvest. Refrigerator pickles, spicy pickled beans, and sweet berry compote are just some of the recipes we’ll prepare and sample. This will be a hands-on learning experience right here in our kitchen, so be ready to get a little pickle juice on your hands!

Nutrient Dense Gardening (2 day workshop)

Saturday, October 27: 9:30am – 4:30pm and Saturday, March 16, 2013: 9:30am – 4:30pm
Cost: $150; Register at

Presented by Dan Kittredge, Executive Director of the Bionutrient Food Association and the Real Food Campaign, the workshop will help participants grasp and apply Dan’s innovative and reliable principles and practices for producing healthy crops, higher yields, and more nutritious fruits and vegetables. The workshop is suitable for farmers, growers, and gardeners of all types.

For a detailed description of the workshop, and to register, visit Substantial financial assistance is available to farmers and others who wish to attend. Contact the course administrator, Gary Neves (, for more information.

What do we mean by nutrient density? Dan Kittredge and his organization, The Real Food Campaign, describe it best:

“…a recent report, based on U.S. agriculture records has found that the nutrient content of fruits and vegetables has been dropping since records were first taken. You would need to eat five apples today just to get the same nutrients from eating one apple in 1965! Nutrient Dense Foods provide excellent nutrition and have exceptional flavor. They have very high levels of vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, and trace minerals. As a result they have the greatest impact on improving health and providing nutrition against disease…” (

Millstone Farm is a 75-acre working farm in Wilton, CT. They are helping to rebuild our food community through small scale agriculture, educational activities, and events. The farm raises pastured heirloom breed sheep, pigs, and poultry, and grow vegetables for a CSA, local chefs, and family-owned markets.

Millstone Farm

180 Millstone Road

Wilton, CT 06897


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