Millstone Farm Offers Direct to Consumer Chickens & Heritage Turkeys

By Analiese Paik

Millstone Farm's beautiful coup-de-villes house their laying hens when they're not free ranging on pasture. These are not the same birds that are raised for meat, but they're raised in a similar fashion.

Chickens and turkeys are sold out until further notice.

Locally-raised, pastured poultry is one of the hardest products to purchase fresh and unfrozen. I’m not going to bore you with the details about why. Let’s just say they have everything to do with CT Dept. of Agriculture’s laws and regulations. So it’s big news when  farms up their production enough to begin taking custom orders direct from consumers. Millstone Farm in Wilton has done just that with chickens and turkeys.

Millstone Farm is a model of sustainable agriculture and a go-to resource for farm-to-table chefs including Bill Taibe of leFarm and The Whelk, Tim LaBant of Schoolhouse at Cannondale, and Brian Lewis of Elm, plus the sprawling Barcelona Restaurant Group. Farm dinners, workshops, school tours and other events (read about fall events here), attract students, gardeners, and local food lovers, providing them with educational activities and experiences unique to small-scale, sustainable farms.

How to Place Fresh, Pastured Poultry Orders from Millstone Farm


Fresh silver cockerels raised at the farm on pasture are available for pre-order and can be picked up at the farm on September 21, October 12, and November 2. Farmer Annie Farrell said te silver cockerel is a slower growing, pasture raised bird known for its broad breast and foraging abilities. The chickens are $5 per pound and run been between 3 and 5 pounds each. To order, e-mail and specify which dates and the number of birds you want. Orders are filled on a first-come first-serve basis.


The Naragansett is named for Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island where it was first developed by early colonists who crossed Eastern Wild turkeys with domesticated European turkeys (that were originally brought to Europe from Mexico) according to Slow Food USA. photo c/o Slow Food USA

Heritage turkeys, including Narragansett and Royal Palm, will be ready just in time for Thanksgiving. Farmer Annie Farrel said these breeds are physically active and known for their excellent foraging abilities. Not only are heritage turkeys richer and more flavorful than broad breasted whites, they’re part of our cultural and culinary patrimony. These are the turkeys that generations before us ate before broad-breasted whites became ubiquitous. Heritage turkeys bear a close resemblance to their wild ancestors, so expect long and lean-looking birds with a lot of dark meat. Heritage birds are raised on pasture, allowed to roam freely and forage, are supplemented with vegetarian feed, and take twice as long as broad-breasted whites to mature. The $8 per pound price tag reflect these additional costs. Pre-order now by emailing with the number of turkeys you’d like, and your name will go on their list in the order in which it is received. Orders are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Millstone Farm is a 75-acre working farm in Wilton, CT. They are helping to rebuild our food community through small scale agriculture, educational activities, and events. The farm raises pastured heirloom breed sheep, pigs, and poultry, and grow vegetables for a CSA, local chefs, and family-owned markets.

Millstone Farm

180 Millstone Road

Wilton, CT 06897



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    • Vanessa, they do not administer antibiotics to their chicken sub-therapeutically the way they do on factory farms. Treating a sick bird is a different story. And those birds cannot be sold by law if they test positive for antibiotics.I hope this helps. As always, feel free to call the farm. In a free-range, pastured setting animals don’t routinely get sick and require antibiotics. That’s a problem created in confinement settings.

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