Retailers Just Say No to GE Salmon

By Analiese Paik

Is GE salmon dead on arrival? Today Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods Market and a number of regional grocery chains announced in advance of any FDA ruling on GE salmon that they have formally pledged not carry the product in their stores. Talk about shrinking the size of the potential market for a product before it’s even released!

This is the second anti-GMO, pro-consumer, news to come out this week, the first being Whole Foods Market’s pledge to label all products in their stores containing GMOs by 2018. That includes animal products from livestock fed GMOs according to my contact in Whole Foods Market’s corporate offices.

Consumers are winning the GMO battle in the US. It’s such a relief that, despite no labeling laws, we’re still beginning to get the transparency we’ve long been clamoring for. In addition to my CSA farm and local farmers’ market, I’ve long been a Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods shopper. It feels good to know that the choices I made were good ones and I can stick with them. Thank you Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods Market for your leadership and continued efforts to respond to consumer demand for Non-GMO products because we don’t believe they’re healthy or sustainable and do nothing to promote biodiversity and restore local food systems.

Are restaurant chains next? Anything’s possibly with the Friends of the Earth running the Campaign for GE-Free Seafood that has the backing of more than 30 organizations including “the Center for Food Safety, Food & Water Watch, Consumers Union and Healthy Child Healthy World” according to this press release. Why not share this post with your favorite food retailers and restaurants asking them to join the Campaign by making a GE-free seafood pledge? Don’t forget to sign the pledge yourself to send a strong message to food companies that you want your salmon Non-GMO.

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    • Under the precautionary principle, which guides responsible science, an action should not be taken if there is risk of harm. There is risk because GE foods have not been tested for safety.

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