Pig Roast Raises Funds to Save King’s Kitchen

By April Guilbault

Many years ago, a small, historic shack on the shores of Southport Beach functioned as a simple hot-dog-and-hamburger concession stand and lifeguard station.

King's Kitchen in the summer of 2012, the year it won the concession at Southport Beach.

One short year ago, along the Southport shoreline, lines of people wrapped around this same little, brightly-colored building, pastel chairs and umbrellas were nestled in the sand, tiki torches flickered in the summer skies and abundant, tasty beach food flowed from a new establishment called King’s Kitchen. The King brothers had a vision to turn the once-dormant building into a destination and a unique eatery on the beautiful shores of Southport. Hunter, Carter and Parker enthusiastically began this culinary endeavor and now, hardly a year later, their Kitchen has been “condemned” by the town of Fairfield and they are operating out of a small, stainless steel mobile food truck that parks itself beside the blue and orange building that was teeming with activity only a short time ago.

The line to order dinner at King's Kitchen, summer of 2012.

When Hurricane Sandy stormed into town last autumn, the raging Sound waters lifted King’s Kitchen from its foundation and floated it clear across the small street. Miraculously enough, not a single item within the structure was harmed. Appliances, shelves, equipment…nothing tipped or broke during this forced migration. The Kitchen was merely relocated, but in a way that no owner would choose.

After the shack was condemned by the Town of Fairfield, King's Kitchen began operating out of a mobile kitchen.

After stricter building codes were put into place post-Sandy, King’s Kitchen was officially condemned and the King brothers were forced, with very little warning, to acquire considerable funds (almost $30,000) to restore their structure, one that they had sunk countless dollars into just the prior summer for their opening. Most recently, they have had to formally “purchase” the structure to retain rights to it, for the bidding price of $450. As of now, they must remove the structure from the Town of Fairfield’s property by June 25th. If it is not removed by then, the bid is forfeited and the structure will be demolished and disposed of.

April picks up her lobster salad from Hunter King, June 2013.

In the past weeks, countless hurdles have been put in place by the Town of Fairfield and the King brothers have remained steadfast and creative in their attempts to keep a hold of their shack and return it to the life that was begun last summer. As a show of community, there will be a Pig Roast on the site of the at-the-moment-defunct King’s Kitchen at 1505 Pequot Avenue this Saturday at 3pm. It is free to the public, but your donations are immensely appreciated, as all proceeds will go towards their substantial renovation and relocation costs. Staying true to their organic and local vision, an Ox Hollow Farm pig will be roasted and a specialized Pennsylvania Amish smoker will do the job!

Lobster salad was on a short lunch menu on Tuesday.

Come one and come all and help Save the Shack!

If you can’t make it to the pig roast, but still want to help save the shack, you can make an online donation here:


https://fundrazr.com (search: King’s Kitchen, Southport)


@BeachKings on Twitter

April Guilbault is a graphic artist and illustrator turned freelance writer and blogger. After studying Communication Design at Syracuse University, she went on to work at NBC in Chicago and New York as a graphic designer on such shows as NBC Nightly News and The Rosie O’Donnell Show, which earned her several Emmy awards. These days she focuses on a new-to-her variety of creativity…words and writing. Her blog www.DailyFrosting.com is a daily pursuit covering all aspects of enhancing one’s life, namely focusing on the little things that make it worthwhile. Humor, recipes and observances rule the day. She is currently also a contributing writer to the FC Beat magazine, The Cupboard Magazine and www.CTbites.com

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