Learn to Raise Meat Chickens at Squash Hollow Farm

By Analiese Paik

Austin and Kendra Martin of Squash Hollow Farm in New Milford are inviting wannabee homesteaders to their farm to learn how to raise meat chickens. They pasture raise Cornish X and heritage breed chickens for meat and are holding a Raising Meat Chickens course at the farm on July 27 at 10 am. This is not for the meek or faint of heart: as part of the course you will be processing your own chicken and taking it home for dinner. It’s perfect for the burgeoning number of homesteaders who want to learn to be more self reliant. Check out the video below for a taste of what to expect.


If this class isn’t right for you, head over to the farm anyway for fresh vegetables, eggs and a range of pastured meat and poultry products. Squash Hollow Farm raises heritage breed pigs – Berkshire and Tamworth – plus Yorkshire landrace crosses. Austin said “We will be rotating our pigs in two pasture areas and finish them in the gardens come harvest time. Their diet is supplemented with milk, apples and pears, and what ever other good fruit or veggie sources we can find locally. We are really excited this year to be working with a local feed shop, The Gift Horse of Kent, to come up with a GMO free pig feed, which will include oats, rye, and other non gmo local grown produce. Our goal is to finish this years batch of pigs on non GMO feed with the goal of becoming a complete non GMO feed operation next year.”

All of the farm’s meat is all butchered at Tarzia Meat Packing Company, located 5 minutes away from the farm. Austin said this leads to a very low stress transfer come processing time.

If you would like to buy whole, half, and bulk ($50 and up) cut orders, please call or email the farm to place a pre-order since they will be custom cut to your preference.  Austin said that they do at times have retail cuts available for purchase on farm, but pre-order is necessary.

Visit their roadside farm stand for eggs and produce.

Squash Hollow Farm


Austin and Kendra Martin

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