Open Garden Day Provides Free Education to Community

By Analiese Paik

I’m so excited to see some of my favorite local food friends – Eric Frisk, Patti Popp, and Liz Beller – participating in Open Garden Day at Drew Park Community Garden. A little history is required to fully appreciate this event. A number of  years ago Nancy Coriaty, Deputy Town Librarian and Branch Librarian at Fairfield Woods Branch Library, invited members of the local green food community together to learn about her commitment to local and sustainable food programming for the community. She invited us all to partner with the library to provide programming and hopefully you’ve attended many of the wonderful film screenings, garden and local food events, and seed saving events (they have their own heirloom seed lending library!) that have resulted.

Fairfield’s community garden has been a constant partner to the library and Open Garden Day on July 27 offers an incredible free education to any gardener and homesteader. Bring your chicken keeping questions for Liz Beller to answer at 11, but meantime check out her blog, Simply Chicks, here.

Please register online for this event if you plan to attend since attendance is limited. You may also call 203-255-7308.


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