Green Halloween 2013!

by April Guilbault

Green Halloween, anyone? No, we’re not talking about face paint. This is the Fairfield Green Food Guide, after all!

Oodles of outlandish costumes, a plethora of parades and parties, and delightfully devilish decorations that so many of us enjoy more than we care to admit. Halloween hasn’t become one of the biggest consumer holidays for nothing, with almost….wait for it…$2.08 BILLION! being spent on candy, per the National Retail Federation. That’s a whole lot of peanut butter cups, folks. Matter of fact, it’s best to skip the cheap chocolate.

If you strive to remain eco-and-health-minded even in the midst of this decadent fun, how do you do it? We found a number of products and (even better!) websites that will allow you to stick to your priorities even when zombies and cackling witches are demanding treats. And this is no trick! And if all else fails, you can just do as Walter Matthau’s character did in the movie Grumpier Old Men. Throw up your hands in defeat and give out staplers and can openers.

Of course we realize that just because the following suggestions are organic, non-GMO, and fair trade, they are still treats. Hey, trick-or-treating is a big part of Halloween after all!  Here are some helpful websites that stock a good variety with good intentions!


Organic Halloween candy and single serve snacks that are great options for trick-or-treaters! Maple candy pumpkins and ghosts, natural gummy worms, organic root beer candies, dark chocolates and peanut butter cups…Lollipops galore, gummies, jelly beans and fruit snacks. There are low shipping prices right now and free shipping over $39…Brown rice vanilla marshmallow treats, ClifKids Twisted Fruit, lollipops, mini chocolate bars, gummies

Some favorite brands, many of which are carried by Whole Foods:

Unreal candy. Bars made without corn syrup, artificial ingredients,or partially hydrogenated oils, and less sugar. More protein and fiber is added so the candy has a low glycemic index. And yes, non-GMO and organic! Check out their celebrity-studded video below.


Glee Gum. No artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or sweeteners, even Non-GMO! Who knew and how gleeful!

Plum Organics Snacks including Fruit Straws and Yo’ Drops

Annie’s individually wrapped snacks such as fruit gummies, graham crackers, cheddar squares.

Yum Earth organic lollipops or gummy bears

Surf Sweets gummies and jelly beans

Bug Bites organic dark chocolate bars. Non-GMO, Fair Trade, and Rainforest Alliance certified chocolate.

Bug Bites that are Rainforest Alliance certified and organic.

Snack bags of organic cookies such as Home Free, which are also nut free.

Lesser Evil snacks for those with a savory tooth. Krinkle Sticks, Chia Crisps, Chia Pop, and Kettlecorn.

Costumes? Consider using recyclable, reusable materials such as an old t-shirt, egg cartons, corrugated cardboard or newspaper. Haunt your local consignment stores and tag sales, especially for baby costumes. A great way to reuse costumes that are likely gently used.

And finally, what to carry that loot in? A pillowcase (so old school) or any generic reusuable bag always works. Or try these other cute options: Adorable pumpkin, frankenstein, skull or haunted house eco-friendly halloween bags. Only $6.99 and will hold up to 25 lbs. of (organic!) candy. Score! Personalized halloween theme (unbleached) muslin favor bags. Perfectly chic for your goodies, home, and class parties.

Have a happy, safe Halloween!



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