Baby Ginger

by Melissa Roberts

Here’s one for the “What is it?” category of weird produce.

Surveying this week’s farmers’ market offerings, I spied a basket marked “baby ginger.” No, there wasn’t a red-headed baby inside, but a bundle of pale yellowish-green rhizomes with red tips.

Baby ginger can be used the same way as mature ginger. Its presence isn’t a common sighting in the markets due to its brief season and equally short storage time–two, perhaps three weeks tops at room temperature.

Absent its tough outer hide, baby ginger doesn’t need peeling. Simply chop or slice and use it as you would regular “old” ginger. Steep slices in hot water with honey for tea or freshly grate over soba noodles. It’s “ready to use” state is perfect for candying or pickling. And because it’s available for only a week or two longer, buy a little extra and freeze it in thin slices, or finely chop in a mini food processor with some canola oil and chill or freeze in portions to add to a stir fry or soup later on.

Fort Hill Farm, a certified organic grower in New Milford is selling baby ginger ($15.00/lb) for the next week or two. Fort Hill’s produce is available at the Westport Farmers’ Market Thursdays 10:00am-2:00pm, and New Morning Market in Woodbury, CT.






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