10 Things Every Food Lover Should Know About Olive Oil

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“Time is olive oil’s worst enemy. The second is man.”

Alina Lawrence

  1. Olive oil is best when fresh and should be consumed within 18 months of being harvested and crushed.
  2. Unfortunately, most olive oils are not labeled with the harvest or crush date.
  3. Olive oil ranks among the top 10 fraudulent foods worldwide.
  4. Olive oil more than 2 years old will likely be rancid, low in polyphenols, and contain multiple taste defects.
  5. Oxygen, heat and UV light cause olive oil to go rancid faster, so storing oil in air-tight, dark containers away from light and heat is a must.
  6. Color has no bearing on freshness or quality, nor does country of origin.
  7. Extra virgin olive oil is a USDA quality standard.  Only oils that meet strict chemical standards and are free of taste defects make the grade.
  8. Olive oils with taste defects labeled as extra virgin are falsely labeled.
  9. Only high-polyphenol olive oils confer heart-healthy benefits, yet most commercial oils are low in polyphenols.
  10. There is no reason to consume bad olive oil. Olivette provides the country of origin, olive variety, and production date of each of our Extra Virgin Olive Oils as well as a detailed chemical report that guarantees freshness and healthfulness.

At Olivette, you always taste before you buy.

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Alina Lawrence and Tom Mueller, author of Extra Virginity: The Sublime and Scandalous World of Olive Oil, in Imperia, Italy at the Technical Training Course for Aspiring Olive Oil Tasters administered by ONAOO.

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To learn more about real, extra virgin olive oil (i.e. is it okay to cook with it?) visit Olivette’s blog: http://www.olivettect.com/blog/


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