Sustainable Food News – Food Safety Regulations, GMO Bills, & Sad Turkeys

By Analiese Paik

The USDA’s proposed Food Safety Regulations won’t apply to small farmers (less than $500mm in annual food sales), but Dan Charles’ story on NPR’s The Salt says they could impact larger organic farmers if the new regulations governing manure use are passed. Animal manure would have to be composted first or aged 9 months, impacting how farmers manage their operations according to the piece. Read the proposed regulations here. The comment period ended on November 22.

Last week, HuffPo reported that Hawaii’s Big Island has never allowed the testing or commercial production of GM crops, except papaya, and now is moving toward making the ban into law. The decision rests with Mayor Kenoi, so GMO Free Hawaii Island is encouraging supporters to urge him to sign the bill into law.

For vegetarian, vegans and gluten-free eaters, Food52 has a “turkey gravy” for you.

Celebrity Chef Suzanne Goin shares her recipe for roasted turkey stock with the NYT and I just love it because it makes great use of leftover turkey bones. This can become the base for turkey soup, which is a great way to use leftover turkey meat. Enjoy the video below and here’s a link to the recipe.

We’ve been urging you to buy a local, pasture raised turkey or a Heritage breed turkey for Thanksgiving because they taste better, are better for your health, support local and small-scale grass-based farmers, and are closer to the 1621 tradition. HuffPo’s infographic below gives you all the talking points you’ll need to argue for local, sustainable and Heritage breed at your table.  Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Turkey Infographic

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