Organic Food Finds: Bare Apple Chips

By Analiese Paik

Every once in a while I find an organic snack, beverage or specialty food delicious enough to get excited about. Over the weekend I discovered Bare apple chips in the snack section of Whole Foods Market Fairfield. When they say bare, they mean it. There is nothing – zero, zilch, nada – added to the sliced and baked apple slices.

Unlike packaged apple chips I tried a few years ago that were “chokey” according to my kids, these have the perfect texture and deliver a satisfying crunch. That’s pretty amazing consider they are unpeeled.

Organic Granny Smith chips from Bare Snacks

The apple chips are so satisfying, they can easily replace potato or tortilla chips, or pretzels, when you need to nosh at 4 pm or 11 pm. Send them to school as a snack. Pack them in the car for those times when you really don’t want to stop and probably won’t find anything decent to eat anyway.

At Whole Foods Market Fairfield I found both Granny Smith and Fuji varieties. The Fuji are nicely sweet and have a long fruit finish; the Granny Smith somehow preserve their natural acidity through the baking process. Delicious!

Organic Fuji chips from Bare Snacks

Each bag is 2.2 ounces and totals 2 serving of 90 calories each. Even if you eat the whole bag, there’s nothing to feel guilty about. I recommend sharing a bag or portioning out a serving, which is half a bag. They’re actually quite filling.

Those with the time and talent, make your own baked apple chips. But those busy getting dinner on the table and running children around, or working late, will love these healthy treats made from Washington State apples.

Visit Bare Snacks online to see the full product line.


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