Gift Guide 2015: Fleisher’s Jerky Crafting Kit

By Analiese Paik

jerky crafting kitAs we make our lists and hunt down the perfect gifts for friends and family, I’m reminded how much fun DIY kits are and how easily they can turn everyday people into food heroes. Take the Jerky Crafting Kit from Fleisher’s Craft Butchery, the sustainable, whole-animal butcher shop with locations in Westport and Greenwich. I’m thinking of at least three people on my list who’d love to learn how to make their own jerky and would revel in saying “I made it myself” as they taste test their creations with friends who’ve thoughtfully brought along some craft brews. You get the picture.

This make-your-own jerky kit includes everything needed to make jerky from scratch at home, except the meat. Fleisher’s suggests pairing the kit with a $20 gift card, which can be used at their locations in Greenwich and Westport to buy beef cuts they recommend for jerky including eye round, top round, bottom round and flank steak.

Each Jerky Crafting Kit contains: (from the website)

  • two non-stick drying screens
  • two spice blends (classic and Mexican)
  • one cork oven door stopper
  • one pamphlet with all the instructions to make jerky with one pound of beef.

Order the kits online for shipping to family outside the area, or visit the Westport or Greenwich locations to buy them and a gift card. Making jerky can also be a great family project for a quiet weekend at home, so be sure to stash one for yourself.

Fleishers Greenwich

160 E. Putnam Ave
Cos Cob CT 06807

Fleishers Westport

580 Riverside Ave
Westport CT 06880

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