Easter Candy to Enjoy with a Clean Conscience

By Analiese Paik

unreal candy Easter is this Sunday, which means many of us will be hitting the stores for the annual candy run to fill our children’s baskets. I gave up on jelly beans  years ago, but continue the tradition with chocolate bunnies and treats. Even though my kids are older, they still love to find a basket filled with goodies on Easter morning.

Each year I scope out a selection of organic and Fair Trade or direct trade chocolates to ensure my kids are eating the cleanest food possible and the workers who grew the raw ingredients, especially the cacao, were treated and compensated fairly.

unreal easter tinsThis year I found something new and fun on the shelves at Whole Foods Market: these festive Easter tins filled with candies from Unreal. Surely you know the company by now? Unreal was founded by two teenage brothers on a mission to reinvent America’s favorite candies by using 100% real ingredients – including organic, Non-GMO, and Fair Trade – and 30-40% less sugar than their traditional counterparts.

The limited edition Easter treats include one colorful tin filled with candy coated milk chocolate gems made from organic cacao and dairy, fair trade ingredients, and nothing artificial. They are colored naturally with ingredients like red cabbage, beetroot juice, and turmeric. The second tin has a mix of 16 dark chocolate and milk chocolate creamy peanut butter cups. They’re made from gently dry roasted peanuts and organic sugar to create a rich, velvety peanut butter.

“Easter is one of my favorite holidays, filled with family time, egg hunts – and candy. We’ve reinvented America’s favorite candies, making them taste better and without any artificial ingredients, preservatives, GMO’s, or excess sugar. We want families to have a better choice for their Easter egg hunts” says Nicky Bronner, Unreal’s 19-year-old founder.
The tins, which feature fun and brightly colored illustrations of Easter bunnies created by renowned artist Steve Simpson, are now available for a suggested retail price of $9.99 at Whole Foods Market.

The company supplied me with samples, which I tasted with my children. Needless to say, they were scarfed up in rapid succession by my two candy and chocolate-loving teens. I particularly enjoyed the peanut butter cups, a reminder of my own youth and continued fondness for the classic combination of peanut butter and chocolate.

Have a Happy Easter!


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