Aradia Farm Offers Beef and Pork CSAs

By Analiese Paik

Aradia Farm
Aradia Farm’s booth at the Winter Westport Farmers’ Market.

We want more than ever to know who grew our food, where and how. That can be a bit dicey when it comes to beef, pork and other meats unless you buy directly from the farmer. That usually requires visiting a farm or farmers’ market and buying the cuts available that day. Some farms offer half pigs and cows and we go in with friends to buy them. Those looking for a variety of cuts and the benefits of buying in bulk, but are unable to make that big a commitment, have another choice: a meat CSA.

I have been buying bacon, ribs, ground beef, pork chops and sausages (both hot Italian and breakfast) from Aradia Farm since they first became a vendor at the Westport Farmers’ Market. I feel great about buying meat from a local farm that follows organic farming practices and processes their livestock humanely. Of course their products taste great and my family enjoys them. Buying a CSA share from Aradia means you have first dibs on some of the dearest cuts that you’d typically have to special order to obtain. Best of all you buy food with great flavor and complete transparency, save money, support a local farm, and conveniently have meat on hand when you need it.

Meat CSAs are the best way to live high on the hog!

And these are some hogs; they’re Tamworths, a rare heritage breed much sought after by epicureans for their flavor. Growing and eating them is the only way to keep the breed alive so you’ll often hear the refrain “you have to eat them to save them.” Their steer and Dexters, a heritage breed that claimed third place in an industry taste test in 2013. This is the ground beef you want to use to make burgers this summer; they’re delicious and juicy without rendering a lot of fat.

Aradia’s Meat CSAs are prorated so you can opt in anytime.

From Aradia Farm’s website:

Aradia Farm Beef and Pork CSAs

Why CSA?  Aradia Farms’ CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) offers a variety of “shares” of what we produce on the farm to customers in Litchfield, New Haven and Fairfield counties.  Members purchase a “subscription”, and receive meat from us every month.

Benefits of a CSA:

Exclusive offers:  Our CSA members have exclusive cuts and offers available to them first.  If we have excess of a particular cut, it is offered to our CSA customers first at a severely discounted rate.  Our beef (besides ground beef) is also only available through our CSA.

Savings: The most beneficial part of a CSA is the savings to our customers.  Over the season you save an average of $139 (may vary) over retail prices.  We also offer additional products as add-ons at a discounted rate to our members.  In addition to the add-ons, we offer 10% off online orders of Aradiant Skin Care products.

Meat CSA Seasons:  We do two CSA “seasons” per year.  They run April – Sept and Oct – March.

CSA Share Options and Full Season (6 months) Pricing: We offer a variety of options for CSA shares.  Our full share is 10+ pounds per month.  A half share is 5+ pounds per month.

Option 1: Half Share (5+lbs) Beef and Pork

Option 2: Full Share (10+lbs) Beef and Pork

Option 3: Half Share (5+lbs) Pork Only

Option 4: Full Share (10+lbs) Pork Only

Option 5: Half Share (5+lbs) Beef Only

Option 6: Full Share (10+lbs) Beef Only

CSA Add-Ons: In addition to the standard shares, you can purchase separate add-ons to accompany your CSA share.  You must purchase a full or half share CSA in order to purchase an add-on.

Eggs: 1 Dozen Eggs with your monthly pick up

Bones and Organs: 5 pounds a month of assorted organs and bones

Maple Syrup: 1 12 oz bottle with monthly pick up

Prepared Foods: 2 containers of prepared food per month

Aradiant Skin Care: Assorted Lotions and soaps with monthly pick up

Delivery Sites:     On Farm Pick Up First Monday of Every Month (2pm-6pm)

Westport Farmers Market First Thursday of Every Month (10am – 2pm)*

*Free home delivery in April and May to those who will pick up at the Westport Farmers’ Market once it opens for the season on May 19.

Learn more or sign up online at

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