Butcher Shop to Open in Downtown Fairfield

By Eileen Weber

Imagine you’re a butcher with a dream to one day own your own shop. Then, through random connections and an amazing amount of luck, that distant dream becomes a reality.

Matt Oricchio
Matt Oricchio at Speckled Rooster Farm in Westport

Tim Frosina, a butcher formerly of Fleischer’s Craft Butchery in Westport and L’Americanu BBQ in Corsica, France, can say that pretty much happened to him. He was contacted by an investor who wanted to open a butcher shop but needed a butcher. Initially, they looked for space in New Canaan. But, Fairfield had twice the population, two highways, and an open location right next to the ever-so-scrumptious Isabelle et Vincent French bakery on the Post Road. Win-win-win!

“We want to feed ourselves well and we want to feed others well,” said Frosina. “We want to show people that this is not just a rib eye and pork chop world.”

Hens at Speckled Rooster Farm

Frosina’s butcher shop, tentatively called Custom Meats, has been two years in the making. With his wife Bernice and his friend and cohort Matt Oricchio of Speckled Rooster Farm in Westport, they plan on making this place a one-stop shop for all your dinner needs.

“We’ll work with any farm in Connecticut,” Frosina said. “If someone’s got really good products, I’ve got no problem with that.”

Oricchio echoed that by saying the list of farms they hope to work with is pretty long. “Because they’re all small,” he said. “No one doing it right is doing it on a large scale commercially.”

late summer produce
Produce is organically grown at Speckled Rooster Farm in Westport

They’ve already hooked up with local farms like Ox Hollow, Sport Hill, Simpaug, Walden Hill, Kinder Hook, and Stonewall Dairy to supply them with meat, vegetables, eggs, and milk. With their planned “butcher and farmer boxes,” you can get all you need for one week.

The shop is due to open in mid-April. Check back with Fairfield Green Food Guide when we cover their new place. Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Butcher Shop to Open in Downtown Fairfield”

  1. I hope the pricing is within reason. I’m more than happy to pay a premium for locally sourced meats but sometimes the vendor can price out the general population.

    • Jim, you have surfaced an important point. I have found that experimenting with lesser known cuts is an economical way to enjoy meat from local butchers and farmers. Since they are whole animal focused, they are motivated to sell these cuts. More soon on this butcher shop!

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