Sustainne Is Uniting, Nurturing and Growing a Community Dedicated to Sustainable Living

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sustainne2017_logo_575x173transWelcome to Sustainne, a business that grew out of my passion for sustainable living and deep belief in the ability of humans to learn and grow from our mistakes, and embrace the change necessary to sustain ourselves and our planet.

Our mission is to unite, nurture and grow a community dedicated to sustainable living and we hope you’ll join us. Hop over to the website and click Join Now, or Add Listing if you’re a business owner. Let’s take this journey together.

Dreams do come true. My journey towards the realization of a sustainable living destination for Connecticut and beyond has been filled with stumbles, wrong turns, disappointments, delays, setbacks and even discouragement at times. Struggles are a part of life and therefore inseparable from the journey toward realizing our dreams. Along the way I have never lost sight of the goal, and that’s what kept me inspired and motivated to dust off the dirt and get back up again.

I look forward to welcoming you to the community we’re building one business and consumer at a time!
– Analiese Paik

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