Farm-to-Chef Week

Farm-to-Chef Week, an initiative of the Connecticut Department of Agriculture, is a celebration of local and farm grown food prepared by some the Nutmeg State’s finest chefs and culinary experts. With 76 venues participating throughout the state, there is a menu and location for everyone!

CT Passes Nation’s First Comprehensive GMO Labeling Bill

You’ve no doubt heard that the CT General Assembly passed a GMO labeling bill on Monday- the first of its kind in our country. Governor Malloy has publicly said that he will sign the bill into law. Many thanks to those of you who have advocated in any form for its passage. It would not have happened without our voices and the support our state received from national organizations like Food & Water Watch.

USDA and EPA Launch U.S. Food Waste Challenge

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) today announced that it has, in collaboration with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), launched the U.S. Food Waste Challenge, calling on others across the food chain—including producer groups, processors, manufacturers, retailers, communities, and other government agencies − to join the effort to reduce, recover, and recycle food waste.

Chipotle Becomes First Chain Restaurant to Labels GMOs

Chipotle has come clean and given consumers 100% transparency by labeling GMOs in their foods. You will be shocked to learn that even their rice contains GMOs. It’s because of the soybean oil!

Using the information on their website, you can now choose Non-GMO when eating there. They are also working to eliminate GM ingredients from all their products. (I do not believe that this applies to animals fed GMOs).

“GMOs in Our Food” Workshop at May 4 GardenFest

What are Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)? Why are they considered risky and unsustainable? Since GM foods aren’t labeled, how are consumers supposed to avoid them when shopping and eating out? Analiese Paik, founder of the Fairfield Green Food Guide, will lead a lively, informative, and interactive 45 minute-hour session that answers all these questions and empowers guests to make Non-GMO food choices at home, at the grocery store, in restaurants, and at the farmers’ market.

Candy for Cancer

I am extremely wary of cancer organization fundraisers in general, but my jaw just about dropped when I saw this one today. In a medical office no less. Full of caring medical professionals and staff who undoubtedly work with cancer patients.

How could they fail to see the irony of raising money for the American Cancer Society through the sale of industrial candy laden with sugar (which we as a nation eat way too much of) and highly processed ingredients that are not on the recommended list for improving human health?

Fairfield Green Food Guide
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