Westport Chicken Coop Tour

The morning begins with a special visit to Wakeman Town Farm by Lauren Scheuer, illustrator for American Girl and the author of her newly published novel, Once Upon a Flock. Lauren will treat guests to a free chicken keeping workshop and will be available to sign copies of her novel which will be for sale throughout the day.

10 Ways to Say “I Love You” to Mother Earth

Each Earth Day I feel obligated to bring awareness to the important role each of us plays in protecting the environment and preserving our ability to feed ourselves sustainably. Today, it’s in the form a list of ways you can say “I love you” to Mother Earth. Imagine the impact on our town, county, state and country if each citizen were to commit to doing just one or 2 items on the list below. How many do you already do? Which will you start doing? Please comment at the end and share any additional ideas. Happy Earth Day!

How to Green Your Easter

Easter is a time to celebrate a sacred holiday as well as the beginning of Spring. Somehow, our world has hopped out of control and most of the items that the, eh-hem, Bunny lovingly places in baskets are far from natural and need to be sent down the rabbit hole. Thankfully, there are a slew of delicious delights and smart products using Mama Nature’s ingenuity that will make your Spring holiday all the brighter. Between coloring eggs and filling those baskets, these items will make you feel better about what the Bunny is leaving!

Green Food Resolutions for the New Year

If you’re like most people, you make a list – at least mentally – of the things you’ll do differently in the coming year. Perhaps you’re already eating sustainably to some degree, but are looking to increase your commitment. Here you’ll find a multitude of suggestions for doing just that – whether you’re just starting to eat greener or are a dedicated sustainable eater. Choose where you are on the continuum – from Newbie to Dedicated – to find suggestions suitable for you.

Food Wisdom Gleaned from Superstorm Sandy

We’re pretty tough here in the Northeast, having had our share of nasty Nor’easters and freak storms, but Superstorm Sandy has strained our resources and patience. My heart goes out to everyone who lost a loved one, suffered damage or loss to their home or car, and is still without power. Like many of you I feel the need to create some semblance of normalcy in my life, and for me that’s blogging. I hope you share a few of your own words of wisdom so we can all be better prepared for the next ill wind that blows our way.

Halloween Candy Is Scarier Than the Costumes

Halloween used to be pure fun. That was before I knew about sugar from GM (genetically modified) sugar beets and chocolate from sources that employ child slave labor and other inhumane practices. I supposed this is what the term “ignorance is bliss” means. I know better now, which means that each time Halloween rolls around I go through the exercise of figuring out what we’ll give out that night and what I’ll let my kids eat. If you find GM and unethically sourced candy scarier than Halloween costumes, here are some suggestions for taming your fears.

Sustainable Food News: Elm Makes Esquire’s Top 20 Restaurants List, Non-GMO Month & Fair Trade Month

There were great expectations for Chef Brian Lewis’ restaurant, Elm, when it opened in March of this year in New Canaan. Those of us who find occasion to dine there will agree that they’ve raised the bar to the level of NYC, minus the sides of attitude and pretense. The space is modern and comfortable, service professional and warm, and food always a rewarding gastronomic adventure. Chef Lewis works magic with vegetables, many of which are sourced from Millstone Farm in Wilton where his staff works in return for organic produce. So it comes as no surprise that Esquire Magazine has named Elm one of the Top New Restaurants of 2012. This well-deserved accolade is bestowed on only 20 restaurant, so we congratulate Chef Lewis and his team on this affirmation of their top-quality work.

Where to Get a Sustainable Cup o’ Joe

Slowly but surely, the temps are cooling, the sunlight is taking on a more amber glow later during the day, and is that an orange leaf I see hanging on that tree? Ah, it’s getting to be hot-beverage season (but then again, maybe it always is). Are you a mom who is back to inhabiting cafes with friends now that the kiddos are back in school? Or a traveler passing through the Fairfield County? Either way, a great cup of joe is always on the destination list. But where to get one? And, more importantly, where to enjoy a sustainable cup of coffee? That’s the trickier part because all joe is not created equal.

Green Leaf Organic Bakery & Café Opens in Wilton

What makes an organic bakery good? Perhaps, it’s just the quality ingredients. Or, it’s the attention paid to detail—like where the ingredients are sourced and how sustainable their practices are. Maybe, it’s a lifestyle choice that bleeds into everything you do. If you answer all of the above, then Green Leaf Organic Bakery and Café in Wilton is the place for you.

The More Responsible Easter Basket

If you’re anything like me, you will realize before the end of this sentence that yet once again you forgot to pick up the candy for the Easter baskets. What’s a multi-tasking Easter Bunny to do? We’ve made a quick list of some of the places in the area to get good chocolate—organic, Fair Trade, and all-natural ingredients, of course. No neon yellow marshmallow Peeps here, my friends. Only the good stuff!

Fairfield Green Food Guide
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