Seeds of Freedom and Genetic Roulette Film Screenings & Discussion

The anti-GMO movement is strong and determined to retake control of the global food system and two films explain the issues at hand. ‘Seeds of Freedom’ charts the story of seed from diversity-rich farming systems to its transformation into a monopolized commodity. ‘Genetic Roulette’ exposes never-seen-before-evidence that points to genetically engineered foods as a major contributor to disease in people, pets, livestock, and lab animals eating genetically modified soybeans and corn.

A Hand-Holding Consumer Guide to GMOs

Due to a healthy and growing anti-GMO movement, consumers are more aware than ever of just how prevalent GMOs are in our food supply. It remains a challenge, however, for consumers to avoid GMOs at retail because labeling initiatives continue to falter. I feel compelled to do a little hand-holding by giving consumers a holistic framework, along with some tools, for determining which products are GMO and which aren’t.

Green Food Gift Guide Day 3: Connecticut Moonshine!

Prohibition ended on this day, December 5, in 1933 when the 18th Amendment was repealed by the passage of the 21st Amendment. In commemoration of the 79th anniversary of the end of Prohibition, we’re featuring Connecticut Moonshine by Onyx Spirits of Manchester in our gift guide. This local, artisan spirit with a fantastic back story is perfect for the historians and imbibers on your holiday list.

Sustainable Food News – GM Corn Ban, Superbugs & Antibiotics in Meat & School Lunch Video

The ripple effects of last week’s French GM corn feeding study revealing significant negative impacts on the rats’ health are being felt around the world. In addition to the immediate response by the French government ordering their National Agency for Health Safety (ANSES) to investigate the finding, Russia has suspended the importation and use of the Monsanto GM corn tested in the study according to the Wall Street Journal. The WSJ article noted that Russia prohibits the planting of GM corn, just as the European Union does, but it does import the grain from the US.

Organic in Name Only

I promised I’d never get snarky or tell people what to do on this website, but rules were made to be broken (yes, technically I’ve broken them before). So here it is – you have a choice in buying real organic food or food that’s organic in name only. What do I mean by “in name only”? The producer has no soul, no passion, no core value to produce sustainable food because it’s better for us and the planet. They produce organic food because it’s a smart business decision that’s going to help the company grow, which will make the stock price rise and enrichment them and their shareholders, not because it’s their religion. I wouldn’t care so much if it didn’t matter at the end of the day.

Sustainable Food News – GMOs & Cancer, Arsenic in Rice & Disappearing Fish

I’ve wanted to publish a sustainable food news weekly roundup for some time, and this week’s news finally propelled me into making the commitment. Each week I’ll publish an article focusing on some of the most important national and global news in the sustainable food space so you can stay informed. Of course I’ll also offer a few suggestions about how to respond to the news to protect your health and support the real food movement.

Millstone Farm Offers Direct to Consumer Chickens & Heritage Turkeys

Locally-raised, pastured poultry is one of the hardest products to purchase fresh and unfrozen. I’m not going to bore you with the details about why. Let’s just say they have everything to do with CT Dept. of Agriculture’s laws and regulations. So it’s big news when farms up their production enough to begin taking custom orders direct from consumers. Millstone Farm in Wilton has done just that with chickens and turkeys.

Center for Science in the Public Interest Punts on GE Foods

Dear CSPI,

Thanks for the information about Food Day and the GMO draft report. I will not be participating in Food Day this year as a result of the report. I am extremely disappointed that CSPI, an organization that I had revered for years, would ignore scientific reports about the proliferation of super weeds and increased use of herbicides that have resulted from the planting of GE monocultures. That is clear evidence that GE technology is not sustainable and therefore not good for people, animals or planet. Frankly, I’m dumbfounded.


This year, Connecticut joined about 20 other states that have recently debated laws requiring suppliers to label all genetically modi­fied food. Though Connecti­cut’s bill died in the last ses­sion, House Speaker Christopher G. Donovan, D-Meriden, has begun to form a bipartisan legislative task force to investigate the issue.

Comstock Ferre Invites the Community to Heirloom Festival 2012

Visit Comstock, Ferre & Co., on June 3 from 10 a.m. to 5:00 p.m for a free “Heirloom Festival!” Guests can visit the historic Seed Museum, browse the collection of hundreds of heirloom seed varieties, and meet vendors from near and far showcasing their natural products, special food items, and much more. There will be hundreds of heirloom plants for sale, and food will be served all day.

1:00 GMO panel discussion with Analiese Paik, other advocates and legislators.

Sustainable Fairfield Google Group Welcomes New Members

It’s a sign of the times. Like the rest of the country and world, Fairfield’s interest in environmental issues is flourishing. Recently, some of the town’s “green” group leaders met to discuss a more effective way of working together to support each other’s efforts.

Janak Desai, founder of Sustainable Fairfield, is a Civil Engineer, IT Project Manager, Yoga instructor, and Master Gardener. He started the email group in 2010 as a way to allow various green groups to work together and help spread the word about environmental issues of concern, to notify others about upcoming town events, and to assist in building advocacy efforts related to the environment, healthy food, gardening, and more.

The Real ABCs of GMOs

I like to think of myself as an informed consumer, at least when it comes to food. Being a food writer and regular farmers’ market shopper, I’ve been pretty comfortable in that assertion for years. In my family, we buy a lot of organic foods, especially meats, produce and dairy. Our kids have been eating a variety of foods from the beginning: salmon, spinach, hummus, feta cheese and balsamic vinegar are all things they will ask for by name. Deep fried chicken parts never entered into our family’s food equation.

Imagine my surprise when I found out how woefully late I am to the real food party.

Connecticut’s GE Foods Bill Eviscerated by Lawyers

Connecticut’s Genetically Engineered Foods bill may still be alive, but it is no longer a bill requiring the labeling of GE foods. As of last night, the labeling provision was removed. Why was this bill eviscerated? Rep. Richard Roy of Milford, co-chair of the Environment Committee and the original sponsor of the bill, when reached for comment this morning said “I feel very strongly that someone or some state has to challenge the use of the Bill of Rights, designed to protect we individuals, from using it to thwart the sharing of information and the subjugation of a whole industry.

Right to Know CT Plans Rally at the Capitol as GMO Labeling Bill Heads into the Home Stretch

Yesterday, Right to Know CT launched a petition asking House and Senate leadership and Governor Malloy to enact HB 5117 and we have 350 signatures already! Please sign the petition and share it via email, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc. so we can gather as many signatures as possible from anywhere in the country. We plan to hand the bill in to the Legislature after this rally on Friday.

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