Open Sesame: The Story of Seeds

Open Sesame: The Story of Seeds
Wednesday, April 20, 2016
Free and Open to the Public
Rotary Room, Fairfield Main Library

The Fairfield Public Library, Fairfield Earth Day Committe and the Greenfield Hill Grange present a film screening of Open Sesame: The Story of Seeds followed by a discussion with award-willing documentary filmmaker and writer Sean Kiminsky.

5 Reasons to Go Grass Fed

Almost all the meat you purchase in the grocery store and eat in restaurants and fast food outlets is from factory farms (ditto for school lunch). So is the dairy. Slow down just a minute to ponder the fact that the meat you eat and milk you drink is from animals kept confined, indoors, 24/7 on feedlots instead of being raised on pasture.

7 Must Have Sustainable Food Apps

But when you’re on the road for business or vacation looking for somewhere sustainable to eat, or in the supermarket trying to choose Non-GMO products or sustainable seafood, nothing is handier than a mobile app. Concerned about food waste? There’s an app for that too!

CT Passes Nation’s First Comprehensive GMO Labeling Bill

You’ve no doubt heard that the CT General Assembly passed a GMO labeling bill on Monday- the first of its kind in our country. Governor Malloy has publicly said that he will sign the bill into law. Many thanks to those of you who have advocated in any form for its passage. It would not have happened without our voices and the support our state received from national organizations like Food & Water Watch.

Opening Day at the Westport Farmers’ Market

The clouds rumbled and rain threatened….but then, like magic, both disappeared and all was well for the Opening Day of the ever-popular Westport Farmers’ Market. Sun shone, folks ambled in and a veritable party was had on the blacktop among the veggies…and breads…and pizzas…and flowers! Oh my!

Chipotle Becomes First Chain Restaurant to Labels GMOs

Chipotle has come clean and given consumers 100% transparency by labeling GMOs in their foods. You will be shocked to learn that even their rice contains GMOs. It’s because of the soybean oil!

Using the information on their website, you can now choose Non-GMO when eating there. They are also working to eliminate GM ingredients from all their products. (I do not believe that this applies to animals fed GMOs).

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