Green Food Resolutions for 2014

Assuming you always use reusable bags when shopping, have ditched bottled water for good, and compost your food waste rather than throwing it in the garbage, you’re ready for bigger and tastier challenges. Here are a few to consider:

5 Reasons to Go Grass Fed

Almost all the meat you purchase in the grocery store and eat in restaurants and fast food outlets is from factory farms (ditto for school lunch). So is the dairy. Slow down just a minute to ponder the fact that the meat you eat and milk you drink is from animals kept confined, indoors, 24/7 on feedlots instead of being raised on pasture.

Opening Day at the Westport Farmers’ Market

The clouds rumbled and rain threatened….but then, like magic, both disappeared and all was well for the Opening Day of the ever-popular Westport Farmers’ Market. Sun shone, folks ambled in and a veritable party was had on the blacktop among the veggies…and breads…and pizzas…and flowers! Oh my!

Eating Locally in the Winter Is Easier Than Ever

The change of season from fall to winter brings us shorter, darker days and a challenging growing season for even the most adventurous four-season farmers. Ah but the wonders they’re able to produce despite the elements – tender field spinach and baby kale plus greenhouse treats like fresh herbs, pea shoots, mushrooms and lettuces – are drawing crowds to the winter farmers’ markets. Indeed, it’s the winter spinach and kale that are the first to sell out at Fort Hill Farm’s booth at the Saturday Westport Farmers’ Market.

Smoked Bronto Beef Ribs

Since I couldn’t find any good ribs in Fairfield, I decided to make my own. I started researching rib recipes, especially Texas Beef Ribs, which I remember as being outstanding at a company event held last year at Blue Smoke, Danny Meyer’s barbeque place on 27th street in NYC. I found a NYT article about the restaurant with a Salt-and-Pepper Beef Ribs recipe adapted from Kenny Callaghan of Blue Smoke and decided to go with it.

A Hand-Holding Consumer Guide to GMOs

Due to a healthy and growing anti-GMO movement, consumers are more aware than ever of just how prevalent GMOs are in our food supply. It remains a challenge, however, for consumers to avoid GMOs at retail because labeling initiatives continue to falter. I feel compelled to do a little hand-holding by giving consumers a holistic framework, along with some tools, for determining which products are GMO and which aren’t.

Green Food Resolutions for the New Year

If you’re like most people, you make a list – at least mentally – of the things you’ll do differently in the coming year. Perhaps you’re already eating sustainably to some degree, but are looking to increase your commitment. Here you’ll find a multitude of suggestions for doing just that – whether you’re just starting to eat greener or are a dedicated sustainable eater. Choose where you are on the continuum – from Newbie to Dedicated – to find suggestions suitable for you.

8 Don’t Miss Vendors @ SoNo Market Place

Last weekend I stopped in to check out SoNo Market Place, the new indoor marketplace on Wilson Avenue in Norwalk. I was delighted to find four farms among the vendors and enough sustainable food options to put it on my recommended list. The grand opening is Saturday, December 1, from 9 am until 8 pm, and features a magic show, carolers, and a visit from Santa. There are more than 45 vendors, so be sure to put these top pics in the sustainable food category on your “must visit” list.

Food Wisdom Gleaned from Superstorm Sandy

We’re pretty tough here in the Northeast, having had our share of nasty Nor’easters and freak storms, but Superstorm Sandy has strained our resources and patience. My heart goes out to everyone who lost a loved one, suffered damage or loss to their home or car, and is still without power. Like many of you I feel the need to create some semblance of normalcy in my life, and for me that’s blogging. I hope you share a few of your own words of wisdom so we can all be better prepared for the next ill wind that blows our way.

Fairfield Green Food Guide
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