30 Reasons to Shop the Downtown Fairfield Farmers Market

fairfield farmers market

Sundays in downtown Fairfield are about to become even more fun, and delicious. The Downtown Fairfield Farmers Market returns for its second season starting Sunday, June 11. Head to the historic Sherman Green each Sunday between 10 and 2, rain or shine, until Oct 1 to do your weekly shopping. Bring the whole family so they can choose what they love, and the selection is pretty incredible.

Ranch to Host Farm Dinner and Tour in Support of CT NOFA

farm fling dinner

On Saturday June 10th, Heritage Homestead at 3B Ranch hosts a seasonal farm dinner and ranch tour on 80 acres of rolling farmlands in Northford. The tour kicks off the evening complete with stunning views, roaming buffalo, grass-fed cattle, goats and swine, along with a history of the farm and a chance to learn from a leader in “humanely raised” livestock and grower of Certified Organic fruits and vegetables.

Food Fraud: Are We Getting What We Pay For?

professional olive oil tasting

Food fraud—tampering, diluting, mislabeling, substituting, or misrepresenting food, ingredients, or packaging for the sole intent of financial gain—is pervasive and widespread. Remember when horse meat was detected a few years ago in what was thought to be hamburger in the UK and Ireland? This was not the first—nor the last—incident of food fraud. Fooling the consumer with a little bait and switch has been going on for thousands of years.

Pop Goes the Farmers Market

wfm opup

The Winter Westport Farmers Market closed in mid March, but a few vendors have decided to hold a weekly pop-up market each Thursday from 10 am-2 pm. Visit the market at Wave Hill Bakery located at 30 High Street in Norwalk through early May.

Navigating a Path to Quality Meat

cows on pasture

Consumers increasingly want to know where their food comes from, how it’s grown, and what’s in it. Some prefer organic. For others, it’s about sustainability and responsible farming. And, some only care if it’s local. Unfortunately, obtaining product information isn’t always straightforward. Let’s begin by navigating a path to quality meat.

Gilbertie’s Farm Tour & Tasting

Gilbertie's chef event

Calling all chefs, caterers and food service professionals looking to up their commitment to local sourcing. Gilbertie’s invites you to a Farm Tour and Tasting to see how they grow Petite Edibles and other USDA Certified Organic vegetables cultivated in their greenhouses, learn about how the industry is using them on their menus, then taste the greens while enjoying light farm fare.

Farmers Market Co-Op Opens in Ridgefield

Farmers Market Co-Op is now up and running on Catoonah Street just off the main drag between the fire station and the post office. Open every day from 10-6, except Sunday, the market features local-organic food and fine crafts from local artisans.

Fairfield Green Food Guide
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