Viv’s Veggies at Chestnut Farm

Vivian Simons has a farm, a brand-spanking new one right on Lyons Plains Road in Weston. She bought the historic, 14-acre property when it went on the market last year and recently moved into the house, which is under renovation. Last farmed in the 1940s, this former onion field is now providing the local community with the freshest, organically-grown produce around.

Pralus Single Origin Organic Chocolate Tasting Workshop

Please join us for a unique educational and tasting experience during which we’ll profile the complex flavors of 5 single origin dark chocolates in Pralus’ “organic pyramid”. Learn about the cacao, terroir and artistry of French master chocolatier Francois Pralus as we taste our way through the cacao producing countries of Tanzania, Ghana, Madagascar (plantation owned by Pralus), the Dominican Republic, & Ecuador.

Green Food Resolutions for 2014

Assuming you always use reusable bags when shopping, have ditched bottled water for good, and compost your food waste rather than throwing it in the garbage, you’re ready for bigger and tastier challenges. Here are a few to consider:

Green Food Gift Guide: Seed Savers Ark of Taste Collection

I was so excited to learn that Seed Savers Exchange partnered with Slow Food USA to offer a 6-pack of Ark of Taste seeds. At $14.95, the Ark of Taste Collection is a budget-friendly gift any backyard gardener would love, especially those who will be excited about growing heirloom foods that are delicious enough to be part of Slow Food’s 200 strong (and growing) collection of rare and endangered foods cataloged in the Ark of Taste.

Celebrate New York’s Hard Cider Week

New York’s Third Annual Cider Week is being held October 18-27 and we are ready to celebrate! Hard cider was an American tradition until the early 20th century, when it was lost to Prohibition and urbanization. Glynwood’s Apple Project has been working to increase the profitability of the region’s apple orchards by galvanizing a regional hard cider industry.

Fairfield Green Food Guide
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