Organic Hot Chocolate Spots

Ah yes…creamy, dreamy, belly-warming hot chocolate. As with coffees and juices, organic versions are gaining a following, but cafes serving them are rare. Many cafes may use organic milk and cream, but finding those that use organic chocolate is more of a hunt.

Green Food Gift Guide: Seed Savers Ark of Taste Collection

I was so excited to learn that Seed Savers Exchange partnered with Slow Food USA to offer a 6-pack of Ark of Taste seeds. At $14.95, the Ark of Taste Collection is a budget-friendly gift any backyard gardener would love, especially those who will be excited about growing heirloom foods that are delicious enough to be part of Slow Food’s 200 strong (and growing) collection of rare and endangered foods cataloged in the Ark of Taste.

How to Select, Store, Chill, Open, and Serve Champagne

The perfect glass of Champagne starts with selecting a boutique, single-vineyard Champagne from a sustainable, family-owned estate. Henri’s Reserve expertly curates Champagnes that reflect the terroir of France’s finest private vineyards, the artistry of the winemakers and the legacies of the families behind them. The uniqueness and outstanding quality of these “boutique” Champagnes -both grown and made on organic and biodynamic estates – have made them the darlings of sommeliers and the world’s toughest wine critics.

National Buying Guide to Heritage Turkeys

Welcome to our first national buying guide to Heritage turkeys. These are the turkey breeds that generations before us ate prior to the rapid rise and ubiquity of Broad Breasted Whites. Bred with the singular goal of producing a bird with more white meat that matures as quickly as possible, Broad Breasted Whites don’t taste like much when grown in confinement on commercial farms. Still, they have become so popular that other breeds of turkeys nearly became extinct.

Fresh and Local Juice

While water is the earth’s best drink, sometimes we crave something different to quench our thirst. Something like juice. Here’s a roundup of some fresh and local juices, bar mixes included, for the times we want something a little bit sweeter than H2O.

Farm-to-Home Delivery, Concierge Style

Fresh Nation founders Tony Lee, Melanie Franklin, Hannah Pullman, and Alexander Lee decided to introduce a concierge- style farm-to-home delivery business to serve this very market, with a personal shopper assigned to each order to remove some of the stress from our lives. While there are a number of farm-to-door services operating in Fairfield County, Fresh Nation is unique for three important reasons.

A Judge’s Picks for CT Specialty Food Awards

Each March I look forward to the CT Food Association’s Specialty Food Awards Competition at the beautiful and sprawling Aqua Turf Club in Plantsville and the opportunity to spend an afternoon blind tasting and judging what our state’s specialty food producers choose to enter. This year I was assigned to judge jams, CT Grown, desserts, yeast breads, honeys, and appetizers/hors d’oeuvres and found a few that merited a 5 out of 5 score. Here they are….

How to Green Your Easter

Easter is a time to celebrate a sacred holiday as well as the beginning of Spring. Somehow, our world has hopped out of control and most of the items that the, eh-hem, Bunny lovingly places in baskets are far from natural and need to be sent down the rabbit hole. Thankfully, there are a slew of delicious delights and smart products using Mama Nature’s ingenuity that will make your Spring holiday all the brighter. Between coloring eggs and filling those baskets, these items will make you feel better about what the Bunny is leaving!

Green Food Gift Guide Day 2: DIY Butter Making Kit

A do-it-yourself craze appears to be the next wave in the local food movement. Homemade butter, mozzarella, ricotta, fermented foods and even tofu are some of the DIY projects I recommend for newbies. Certain foods, like homemade butter, don’t even require cooking or special ingredients, just measuring, reading instructions, and a little time.

CSAs Go a la Carte

What do you get when you pair up a farmer with forward-thinking restaurateurs? An a la carte CSA.

Organizer Farah Masani, a former farm manager at Millstone Farm in Wilton now responsible for local sourcing for the Barcelona Restaurant Group, said the idea was forged with Barcelona’s customers in mind, but is open to anyone. “People are looking for the convenience of a multi-farm CSA easily tailored to their tastes and needs that can be conveniently picked up at the restaurant after work. We’re making it fun by offering seasonal cocktails and special tapas using CSA ingredients during happy hour each Tuesday. If customers like the tapas, they can find the recipes online to make them at home” she said.

Fairfield Green Food Guide
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