Sustainable Fairfield Google Group Welcomes New Members

It’s a sign of the times. Like the rest of the country and world, Fairfield’s interest in environmental issues is flourishing. Recently, some of the town’s “green” group leaders met to discuss a more effective way of working together to support each other’s efforts.

Janak Desai, founder of Sustainable Fairfield, is a Civil Engineer, IT Project Manager, Yoga instructor, and Master Gardener. He started the email group in 2010 as a way to allow various green groups to work together and help spread the word about environmental issues of concern, to notify others about upcoming town events, and to assist in building advocacy efforts related to the environment, healthy food, gardening, and more.

2 for 1 Organic Plant Sale Fundraises for School Garden Club, Promotes Shared Harvest

Pick up plants for your veggie patch at the Wilton High School Organic Garden Club’s annual plant sale on Saturday, May 5 at the Village Market in Wilton. A wide variety of tomato and pepper plants will be available for sale, all from $2 – $5 (3” – 6” pots). Your purchases will directly support the Wilton High School Organic Garden Club and the garden created and maintained by its members.

Colleges Who Grow Their Own Food

By the Staff Writers of Like Cypher enjoying a juicy steak in The Matrix, ignorance is bliss when it comes to our food. For years we have been eating products without knowing where they came from, how they were … Read more

2012 Sustainble Food Trends

Where is the local-sustainable food movement heading? What trends can we expect to see in our locale and beyond in the coming year? We asked our blog contributors and a few of our friends to weigh in and the results … Read more

Fairfield Green Food Guide
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